Monday, January 14, 2013

Need to get my Day Going

Some mornings it amazes me how much time I can spend on the computer. This morning I visited new blogs and was quite inspired by all the creativity I read about. So don't feel my time was wasted away. I also went thru my blog list that is on my page here-and deleted those that never have interacted with me. Some are informative blogs for me, but a few just never ever visited me-so those are back in my reader list.
   I like having the blogs that I enjoy interacting with on my page here, so I can see at a glance when they have a new post. I do know that I have readers that never comment, but I am working on getting more interaction amongst my reader-friends.

I have things I need to get going on today-like my craft room-such a disaster. I have a dedicated room, but it is on the small size for all I do-and when I added some reclaimed shelves to organize my soap supplies better-that took over space that other things used in the same floor space-so a step ahead also caused a step backwards.  

I still have leather that I took out of my trunk, to go thru and to decide where and how to store and if I want it still. and some of it has mold on it so I need to gather that up and make some bleach water to clean. A good project for evening tv watching.

I also save boxes for shipping, as well as packing materials-so that is growing and taking over my room. I have saved bags of shredded paper cause I want to make handmade papers-so do I need all that paper now? Won't be making the paper til I can work outdoors.

So on it goes. It is also quite cold here now, and although my craft room is off the living room where we have a wood stove-that room gets little benefit from the heat. My room is also exposed on 3 sides to the elements so it is normally going to be cold. But, I really need to get in there today.

I have actually gotton quite overwhelmed by the task, so I needed to have my mental thinking set in a most positive way. I think I am ready for it now-lol

Enjoy your Monday


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