Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day to Enter my Drawing from the Blog Party

This month has definately flown by. If you have not yet visited my "grow your blog party" post and giveaway-please go here  and comment to be entered in my drawing. I will draw the two winners sometime in early morning Feb. 1st-that's tomorrow!

   The weather here, like much of the states around me and to the south and east, have gone threw gorgeous spring weather-we hit the mid 70s for two days, down to a reality check that it really is winter here after all.  My area did get some much needed rain, around 2 inches. Then yesterday the following morning we had snow flurries-too funny.

   I have been busy working on some new soaps for my etsy shop, I posted three of them, and today I will make some more little animal soaps to list. I also decided to call a long time blog friend yesterday afternoon. We had exchanged information when multiply was going under, and now it seems Blogster-where my circle of friends mostly moved to-is going under slowly as well-cause their site is very outdated. We had a wonderful visit, and I know we will be doing that more often.

  Isn't blogging wonderful? I have met many people threw the years since I first started my very first blog over on yahoo 360. Especially being retired now and living pretty isolated-my blogging is my window for learning, exploring new things, and visiting pages written from all over the world-it really is wonderful

  What are you all doing today? I am off to get my day going-have lots to do today. and look what I found? This is my christmas cactus that I repotted last year cause it was super root bound-let it live outdoors all summer and fall and then brought it in to the back of the house where it can get a little light


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