Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's A Saturday Sharing Day

  Good morning Saturday  (if you are visiting me from the blog party please also visit my post and giveaway here  I will draw the two winners sometime in the early  morning Feb 1st) 

                                     Photobucket  is hosting this event-It's a Saturday Sharing Day-to share our week of creativity, cooking, and other fun things. See link in my right side bar for more information.

  This has been a different kind of week for me. We have had up and downs in temperatures, ran into a problem on my gluten free diet-so kinda of a laid back week for me. I am usually busy doing something creative every day.

  I have continued my quest "to find" my craft room again though. This past year my room has become more cluttered then ever, adding my soap business in there, and sometimes ends up being kinda of a catch all room at times too. This is really a major task. I have too much stuff to go into my space-I really do. 

  I have managed to go threw my one wall that is floor to ceiling shelving of quilt fabrics, books, batting, and more-last week. Below are a couple photos, the top shelf you can see my wool and cotton battings.

  I decided to hang a piece of material up over all of my fabrics this time around, to keep it out of the light and more dust free also. I like it. The third photo up close and peeking under the "curtain" is shirtings and flannels that I recycle into quilts from the thrift stores. and further down is all quilting fabrics stacked up-batiks,and all sorts of colors etc-and these shelves are deep too-so I definately have plenty of fabrics-no need to purchase more. The shelf above the fabric is my quilting projects in bags, and also bags of crazy quilt items-all kinds of threads, ribbons, silks, linens, velvets, laces, etc. I also have bags of wool roving and silk noil for needle felting. There are also bags of rug hooking canvas. Most of my silks and linens are also reclaimed items from the resale shops.Old clothing makes excellent craft materials.

  In the second photo on the floor, I have wire baskets filled with some weaving materials to make a rug, lace, more fabrics that I recycled from designer samples, I also have little drawers under there too, filled with rubber stamps, inks, glitter, glues, and fun things like that. I also have all of my quilting rulers under there and more craft tools, like chalks, pounce for marking quilts.

Tonight I looked under my desk-yes I have things stuffed everywhere-and I found this, and old 1942 don perron box:
Mmmm I kinda remember this, picked up at a garage sale probably but what's in it?

 Wow all kinds of beads and sequins. So friday evening, I went thru and sorted out the quality beads-glass, wood, found some ceramic. then I sorted threw the shapes of the plastics. So went threw my other bead boxes sorted them and out now that's done-but not sure yet where to put them in my room yet.  I have run out of shelf space-lol

Here is a view in another part of my room-this room has 3 large windows like the one shown, this window over looks one of our ponds and the bird feeder I posted the other day on my walk. This are is next up to sort threw. You can't really see them well, but there are 3 large trunks in this area-mostly filled with reclaimed wools. The wools are for my hug hooking and crazy quilt.

There are also lots of buttons and embroidery threads in this area, lots of weaving things too that need to be sorted out, plus I have one row of shelving around the rest of the room-one for my hand dye items, and one for lots of weaving yarns in this area. That big canvas bag is full of paper craft items. And just to the left of this picture sits my vintage rug loom-that I have yet had the time to set up since retirement-Larry found it for me at a garage sale and was a surprise gift for my retirement and our move to Missouri. That is on the top of my list this year to hang the harnesses on the pulleys and to weave!-first thing I want to make are some large bath towels.

I am so grateful to have a dedicated room that holds "most" of my creative items. lol It is amazing to me, but some of my sewing items are from the 60s when I was first off on my own and collecting creative treasures.

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