Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Up in the Middle of the Night & Craft Room Update

  Don't ya love it when you sleep real sound and then just wake up figuring it's time to get up-and it's 1 am in the morning? Thankfully I do not do this often.

   I also woke up cold, so I am in the living room typing away after I put more wood in the wood stove-once it gets going again I will be nice and warm as my new little computer area sits right next to the wood stove-loving that.

   I have been working long days in my craft room-I am sticking to this project til it's finished-just got to. Yesterday I finished up with the one wall that is floor to ceiling shelves. I have several more days of working on this-so hopefully by end of next week I will have a clean and organized studio again.

  Made it threw all of the quilt fabrics, all of the batting and quilt backing fabrics, and finished getting started projects into their own bags and labeled. I know I don't have as much fabric in my collection as allot of quilters I know-but I definitely have more than I will ever sew up-I am sure of that-lol I must not buy more fabric on impulse-only fabrics I might need for a specific project. Collecting beautiful fabrics can be an addiction, just like collecting beautiful yarns, beautiful wools, beautiful threads-yep that's why my studio is just crammed full-lol

   Today and Saturday we will be getting a warm up with sunshine and 50's-so that means I will be refilling the wood in the rack up by the house, and catching up on the weeks laundry. I guess we are to be bitter cold again come Sunday into next week. 

  Next area in my craft room-studio that I will be tackling next is getting my dye supplies up back on the shelf where they belong, and going threw all of my reclaimed wools. Last year I hadn't realized that I was maxed out in space for wool, and kept buying anyways when I found nice pieces at the resale shops, Nice wool is not something I run across on a regular basis, so when I am in the 50% and 80% off racks and see beautiful 100% wools-well I can't resist. So I need to go threw that and remind myself what I have and get things tightened up. and remind myself no more wool buying-for now.

    My reclaimed wools are used for rug hooking mostly, but I have also been wanting to make a crazy quilt with  mostly wools-I did that test block last summer and had so much fun with it that I definately will get back into that again. I also use wools for appliques in my fiber art pieces. Which brings up more items-which I did find a place for yesterday on the shelves-wool rovings and silk noils for my needle felting-which I love working with.

   When I started my Kathyinozarks soap business on Etsy-well all the supplies for that ended up in my craft room-just no other place to store them-so with the reclaimed plastic shelving we found-most of that area is now straightened up too. Which brings me up to tell you that my hydrosols came in yesterday along with the pretty blue spray bottles. They smell wonderful-and I will be putting those in my soap shop this coming week. I will have lavender water, rose water, vanilla water, and ylang ylang water essential hydrosols. I think these will be lovely as a fresh room spray and also for a linen spray.

I wanted to offer a big welcome to two old blog friends from our yahoo 360 days that found me again. Isn't blogging wonderful? Being retired and pretty secluded in our woods here in the ozarks of Missouri-I love my blog and interacting with friends. So welcome Kim and Lesa. Over the last week or so my friend Diana from Multiply found me again, and I found a new blog friend Meredith who knits gorgeous things-so welcome welcome. I was so excited to find you all on my pages. Also, welcome to Mitch whom I met thru a mutal friend Loretta. Mitch is a photographer and shoots gorgeous photos. Also, happy to reconnect here with a few other former Multiply friends.

Everyone is please welcome to go threw my blog list in the left column. I have lots of blogs in my reader as well that I go to when I have the time, but my main blogs I enjoy reading so far are in my blog list. I have food blogs, gluten free, hand dye and quilting blogs, woodstove cooking, and more. The one thing I love about this blog site is finding so many wonderful and creative people.

ok now that I have "talked" your ears off, perhaps I can catch some more sleep-nite.


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