Thursday, January 10, 2013


 I saw these at my soap supplier's site as something new they are now handling. I think they sound really nice. I ordered several, along with little spray bottles to sell in my Kathyinozarks Soap shop on etsy.
I think these would be really nice as a room spray, or a linen spray, can be used also as a cologne. Could be added to my homemade soaps too-but I think the essential oils would be better in making soaps. These can also be added directly to your bath soak.
I had read about these thru the years when reading up on herbs and aromatherapy, but just never gave them much thought-thinking the essential oils would be better. It all depends on how you want to use them though. The hydrosols are already diuluted from the steam process-so no need to put them in a carrier oil. I am anxious to get the ones I ordered and see how they are.
What are hydrosols??

I found good information here  and from Mountain Rose-my favorite herb place:
Hydrosol Distillation

from here

Flower Waters (Hydrosols)

Flower Waters and HydrosolsHydrosols, also known as floral waters, hydroflorates, flower waters or distillates are produced from steam-distilling plant materials. Hydrosols have similar properties to essential oils but are much less concentrated. Unlike their "essential oil added to water" counterparts, true steam-distilled hydrosols contain all the beneficial components that whole plant materials have to offer.
Hydrosols are usually a by-product of essential oil production, but the highest quality comes from devoted distillers who, with artist-like precision, steam small batches of fresh floral and plant material strictly to produce hydrosol (the hydrosols 


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