Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Sunday & Backyard Visitor

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This has been a strange day for me-not getting going on much today-I did bake up a nice batch of gluten free mint chocolate.chip cookies-those are tasty-lol I do have a turkey in the oven too.
  I did make a sale of some vintage black lace that I have had for ages, and it found an excellent home-love when that happens. Not into football today-don't really care for any of the teams that are left, so looking for a movie to watch-I found Lady and the Tramp lol I have not seen this for years and years and actually forgot most of the story line-so I totally enjoyed the movie-again lol
  I am off to feed the wild critters and see if Nikita would like a walk today. then I think I will read til time to finish up supper.
  Need to be a bit lazy from time to time I guess 
 Here is a photo of a backyard visitor a couple days ago. For my new friends, we live in the woods and our backyard is the woods-starts back there where you see the tree line-so we feed cracked corn to the crtters and bird seed to all the different birds here--our backyard entertainment. 


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