Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grow Your Blog Event

  A  blog friend of mine sent me a link to 2 Bags Full blog cause she thought I would enjoy reading her blog, as she does allot of creative things.
   When I got there, her latest post was about an event she is sponsoring Grow Your Blog Event. I set up a button to her on the top right column here. This event is January 19th
   My friend and I were just discussing, that we love it here on blogger but seems hard to connect with friends that will comment, and also who will welcome new friends of like interests. and this is what this event is all about.
   If you want to participate-click on the event and read all her suggestions, and then comment that you want to be included. She also suggests offering a giveaway-which I always find fun too-and have done several times in the past.
  I think it could be a great event to meet new readers and friends. On the day of the event, we are to write a blog about ourselves and our interests, and offer the giveaway if we choose to.
  I am thinking she will have a list of all the interested blogs for us to visit.
  Please share the event if this interests you.


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