Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Morning and Need a Recipe for Canning Potato Soup

   Yesterday I was gone all day-shopping with my neighbor friend in town, and doing errands. I still do not have anything to drive so whenever my neighbor has errands or things to do in town-she asks if I want to go along-so I get out of the woods and into the city-lol
   One of the places we visited was an antique shop in town, that Larry and Mr. L have been visiting. Larry despearately needs a cabinet with  many drawers for his scope repair business. When ever he sees something-saves up the money to buy-it is gone-usually within 10 days. So now he has the money saved up and is in hopes of finding something. He told us about this very awesome piece that our friend would love in her craft studio-and she is someone that can afford to buy it. So we stopped there-and discovered many awesome pieces. The owner specializes in vintage wood cabinets and such-many of them out of very old general stores and such. He also seems to always have these very cool sewing boxes-large, or commercial food storage type pieces. fun place to visit.
   We always eat lunch in town as we leave early and don't get back til at least 3 pm so is a long day.
   This was also the day the guys go to the food bank. We are still in need of a little assistance. This food bank is all fresh items-most times the food is no good, and if I had chickens it would be perfect foods for them, so most of it ends up in the compost pile. But when I got home, Larry had brought home two very huge boxes of russet potatoes that were just beginning to sprout-I am guessing at least 50 pounds. So I filled the veggie drawer in the frig. and I filled up a crock back in the utility room and still have lots and lots of potatoes. I still have pints of canned potatoes so don't need any more. I had thought of dehydrating-but that is a long process too as they need to be cut in pieces, blanched, and cooled in ice water, and then put in the dehydrator-so I am thinking I am spending money on gas and electric to do this.
   So then I thought of making potato soup but leaving out the dairy, I need to see if I have enough stock on hand. You canners-have you done this and what recipe did you use? I also thought of freezing which can be done as well. Perhaps mashed, the french frys is a process-so I am thinking I really don't want to tie up freezer space with potatoes. so I think canning soup is what I will do.
   Larry also brought home at least 40 pounds of juice oranges and tangelos. So I filled up the fruit drawer and again have lots left. So I think I will be tackling these first today. Will get out one of our juicers and juice up all these. I had thought of marmalade but this are not organic so don't want to use the peels for that, and that is too sweet for Larry to eat as well. So juicing it is-will probably freeze, or I will look into canning.
  So I am glad I got most of the wood in the other day. We are to get thunderstorms and much needed rain today and tomorrow-and then next week-I guess winter may actually arrive here.
   I am wating for some things in the mail to arrive too this week. I found the pink civil war fabric I needed, and I think I found more chocolate brown fabric online this morning. So I will be ready to start making the blocks in that quilt I posted from Brackman. I also found on Etsy terry cloth cotton fabric that the cotton was organicly grown in the usa, and the fabric was made in the usa as well.So am excited to find that.  I am going to design some little pouches to sell in my soap shop. You put the soap in the pouch and use as wash cloth with the soap in the bag-cool lol  and these will be re usable-just throw in the wash and dry.
   So as always, I have plenty to keep me busy and not  get bored-lol
Have an awesome day!


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