Sunday, January 6, 2013

Barbara Brackman's BOM Quilt Dixie Diary

  I love the 1800's, and with this being the anniversary years of the American civil war, I have been doing more reading. I also have been collecting reproduction quilt fabrics to make a few quilts for this time period over the past few years.
   Barbara Brackman, quilt historian, posts several very informative quilt historical blogs-see them in my blog list to the left. For this year she is doing a block of the month in her Civil War blog, for Dixie Diary. I decided to join in on this one. The piecing of the blocks are to be easy ones with optional appliques of a star or a heart.

  This morning I wanted to see if I could find the book that this quilt was based on. and I did. It is pricey to buy the book, but I stumbled upon it free online check here   If you have a kindle you can download it for free, download to your computer, or read online-which I am going to do. It is a young confederate girls diary of the war.
  I went thru my fabrics last night and found chocolate browns and a couple pinks. I went on Etsy and bought 4 more pinks so I can get started with this. I need to locate a couple more browns though, and decide on some other fabrics that will be needed.

  I really need another project, as I have several in the work, but this will be a first for me-following along on a block of the month-I think it will be fun.

 photo from Barbara Brackman's blog


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