Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back Working on My Crazy Quilt Block

This was the last photo I took in May of last year of my first ever crazy quilt block. I am using reclaimed wools and some velvets, and put it together the old traditional way. I wanted to do this all my hand, no machine sewing.

There was a couple things I discovered I need to do differently on some of the seam joining with my velvets so I decided to make this into a pillow. I plan to make a foot warmer crazy quilt for the end of our bed using my wools, silks, and velvets-all reclaimed from clothing found in the resale shops.

I knew only the very basic of embroidery stitches, so with the help of a few really good books I learned all of these stitches. I enjoyed this so much that I am anxious to get this completed and start designing my foot warmer piece. About this time I was starting my handmade soap business on etsy, and all of my creative projects like this came to a stop for a bit.

Here is where I am at now:

At this stage I centered and hand sewed this down to one of my natural hand dyed pieces, a piece of mimosa on cotton. I will take an updated photo this week, I already started hand sewing down the borders around this block. If you check my tags on the right under crazy quilting you will find the posts on this project.


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