Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art From Across the Waters

  I am so excited the last of my art swaps has arrived. I am so thrilled to own an art piece from long time blog friend Loretta in Scotland. 

  She let me choose from several pieces, and I loved this one the most. I especially loved it that she placed her art in a frame with glass- It now sits on top of my computer so I can enjoy every day-thanks so much Loretta.

 I have really enjoyed our christmas art swap-hope everyone that participated enjoyed it also. I may do this again in late summer to fall so as not to be during the christmas holidays. I will be looking for frames for my other paintings and place them around the house where I can view and enjoy--I have my quilt wall hanging in the dining room from Jilly, and I am enjoying wearing my knitted hat and gloves in this cold weather--thanks again to everyone.


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