Monday, January 7, 2013

50's and 60's in January-wow I love it

  The sunshine is back to stay a bit, and I can't believe it-- 50 degrees today and warmer every day til the weekend-we may get a real cold blast then-but for the week-I will take the warmer temps.
  I can get the firewood rack full, and wood by our two stoves-and not freeze my fingers-lol
   Our bathroom has no heat-so with these temps I just may be able to get in there and work on some more tissued paper walls. I have one very long wall to do and then a short one. I could even set a few more rocks too, before the tub needs to come out. (new readers-search my blog for rock shower-this has been too long a project and every year I say this is the year to complete-lol) I need to get hubby motivated to do what he needs to do in the shower so we can use it before the tub needs to come out.
   I have a couple things coming in the mail-I love mail-lol I still have a couple art swaps out there-one from North Carolina should be here this week, and my swap from Scotland from Loretta should be here perhaps next week-she painted some pretty watercolors.
   I also ordered a couple things from etsy over the weekend-which I am anxious to receive-4 pink civil war reproduction fabrics for the block of the month I am going to make, and I also ordered a yard of usa cotton organic terry cloth-which I am anxious to see. I want to make little soap pouches-put the soap in and use as a wash cloth-with the soap inside. Thought these would be nicer than the felted soaps I have seen because it will be resusable-just throw in the washer and dryer. I want to make and sell these in my Kathyinozarks handmade soap shop. I was happy to find organic usa cotton.
    This morning, I have one more brandy to finish up and bottle. This one I had made with pomegranates. One of our Wisconsin friends had brought down a box of 6 large ones-so thought these would be perfect for the homemade fruit brandys I make (made with vodka though) I also had a half bottle left of Missouri blackberry wine that someone had left-so I added that to the mix. Anxious to see how this tastes. 
   Tonight is the big college championship football game I want to watch. Found that it will be on espn. Of course I will be supporting Notre Dame-I grew up in the next city over from Notre Dame-so I grew up on Notre Dame football-they are undefeated this year.

   I am off to start my day-enjoy your Monday!


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