Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day to Enter my Drawing from the Blog Party

This month has definately flown by. If you have not yet visited my "grow your blog party" post and giveaway-please go here  and comment to be entered in my drawing. I will draw the two winners sometime in early morning Feb. 1st-that's tomorrow!

   The weather here, like much of the states around me and to the south and east, have gone threw gorgeous spring weather-we hit the mid 70s for two days, down to a reality check that it really is winter here after all.  My area did get some much needed rain, around 2 inches. Then yesterday the following morning we had snow flurries-too funny.

   I have been busy working on some new soaps for my etsy shop, I posted three of them, and today I will make some more little animal soaps to list. I also decided to call a long time blog friend yesterday afternoon. We had exchanged information when multiply was going under, and now it seems Blogster-where my circle of friends mostly moved to-is going under slowly as well-cause their site is very outdated. We had a wonderful visit, and I know we will be doing that more often.

  Isn't blogging wonderful? I have met many people threw the years since I first started my very first blog over on yahoo 360. Especially being retired now and living pretty isolated-my blogging is my window for learning, exploring new things, and visiting pages written from all over the world-it really is wonderful

  What are you all doing today? I am off to get my day going-have lots to do today. and look what I found? This is my christmas cactus that I repotted last year cause it was super root bound-let it live outdoors all summer and fall and then brought it in to the back of the house where it can get a little light

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back Working on My Crazy Quilt Block

This was the last photo I took in May of last year of my first ever crazy quilt block. I am using reclaimed wools and some velvets, and put it together the old traditional way. I wanted to do this all my hand, no machine sewing.

There was a couple things I discovered I need to do differently on some of the seam joining with my velvets so I decided to make this into a pillow. I plan to make a foot warmer crazy quilt for the end of our bed using my wools, silks, and velvets-all reclaimed from clothing found in the resale shops.

I knew only the very basic of embroidery stitches, so with the help of a few really good books I learned all of these stitches. I enjoyed this so much that I am anxious to get this completed and start designing my foot warmer piece. About this time I was starting my handmade soap business on etsy, and all of my creative projects like this came to a stop for a bit.

Here is where I am at now:

At this stage I centered and hand sewed this down to one of my natural hand dyed pieces, a piece of mimosa on cotton. I will take an updated photo this week, I already started hand sewing down the borders around this block. If you check my tags on the right under crazy quilting you will find the posts on this project.

Wow Shipping International Has Really Increased

 Our post office system here in the US has really made significant changes and increases this week, especially for shipping international, looks like Canada has increased the most. I shipped a package to Canada last week that was over 2 pounds-the same price will get you 3 ounces shipped now. They have changed the names of services especially for packages, and they have greatly increased the prices some have doubled or more why did they do that??.This will greatly hurt business's like ebay and etsy sellers, and other online sellers. 

The difficult thing is I can not seem to find an actual table that lists the new prices. I have found links to it-but they go no where. I found general information about it on but their links in the pdf file for the new rates do not open up either.

So I guess it is suppose to be all a mystery-lol Has anyone found an actual chart online with the rates for the new international first class packages? I would greatly appreciate it thank you.

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Spring in the Ozarks Today

 (if you are visiting me from the blog party please also visit my post and giveaway here  I will draw the two winners sometime in early morning Feb. 1st) 

 Last night on the 9 pm news, the weatherman said we are now at our lowest temp-as we will be climbing threw the night and today. He was right we woke up 60 degrees and are headed towards 75 degrees-is that wild or what? 
   The spring bulbs are already confused and are popping threw the ground already-not good, and the birds are singing away as if it was spring time. I don't even need a jacket outside this morning.
   The air is very thick and heavy as well, hopefully tomorrow we can get some much needed rain here. In a couple days though we will be back to normal temps-low in the 20s.
  This morning, I think I will make some more animal critters soap-but in different colors. Thinking purple perhaps since I am using lavender eo. am also going to make some mini heart guest soaps, I have a few different heart molds-and need to get a few hearts up in my shop for valentines.
  My craft room is now pretty organized and I can actually see the floor in spots, and get to things-which is a biggie. Next up will be to wash down and oil my rug loom, and two spinning wheels, do some dusting in there, and clean the floor as best I can-anxious to get started back on the crazy quilt block I did, and finish making it into a pillow. Also want to get started on my January block of the month for the civil war quilt I am following along with on Barabara Brackmans civil war blog.
  Since it is so warm out there today, I will be taking a long walk, and hopefull I can get Nikita to take a short walk too, she has not been wanting to for a week now.
  Off to get going on my day-enjoy yours as well.

Here is one of my favorite photos of Nikita, taken several years ago. This fenced in area is the length of our entire front of the house, with an overhang over the front of the house-so she always has a huge space, along with shade if she wants it.  She has been part of our family since the summer of 1998, so she is an old lady now.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Venison Tenderloin and Animal Critters Soap for Kids

  (if you are visiting me from the blog party please also visit my post and giveaway here  I will draw the two winners sometime in early morning Feb. 1st) 

  Today was a soap making day, so I put a venison tenderloin in the slow cooker-on very low-which turned out delicious-leftovers will turn into bbq for tomorrow.
  My friend that makes the hand knitted wash cloths also sells allot of hand knitted baby items; and she surprised me with a new soap mold-animal critters. She likes to pass out one of my soap samples in all of her orders. I made the soap with pure lavender essential oil, cause infants on up can use lavender, just a little color to highlight the critters, and the main bar of soap is goat milk, shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter-a very luxurious creamy bar of soap for kids.

Are those soaps just too cute or what? lol

Art Sunday Handwoven

Good morning Sunday  (if you are visiting me from the blog party please also visit my post and giveaway here  I will draw the two winners sometime in early morning Feb. 1st)

Paper Weaving Creativity Workout
from here  this one is made with paper
handwove stainless from here

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's A Saturday Sharing Day

  Good morning Saturday  (if you are visiting me from the blog party please also visit my post and giveaway here  I will draw the two winners sometime in the early  morning Feb 1st) 

                                     Photobucket  is hosting this event-It's a Saturday Sharing Day-to share our week of creativity, cooking, and other fun things. See link in my right side bar for more information.

  This has been a different kind of week for me. We have had up and downs in temperatures, ran into a problem on my gluten free diet-so kinda of a laid back week for me. I am usually busy doing something creative every day.

  I have continued my quest "to find" my craft room again though. This past year my room has become more cluttered then ever, adding my soap business in there, and sometimes ends up being kinda of a catch all room at times too. This is really a major task. I have too much stuff to go into my space-I really do. 

  I have managed to go threw my one wall that is floor to ceiling shelving of quilt fabrics, books, batting, and more-last week. Below are a couple photos, the top shelf you can see my wool and cotton battings.

  I decided to hang a piece of material up over all of my fabrics this time around, to keep it out of the light and more dust free also. I like it. The third photo up close and peeking under the "curtain" is shirtings and flannels that I recycle into quilts from the thrift stores. and further down is all quilting fabrics stacked up-batiks,and all sorts of colors etc-and these shelves are deep too-so I definately have plenty of fabrics-no need to purchase more. The shelf above the fabric is my quilting projects in bags, and also bags of crazy quilt items-all kinds of threads, ribbons, silks, linens, velvets, laces, etc. I also have bags of wool roving and silk noil for needle felting. There are also bags of rug hooking canvas. Most of my silks and linens are also reclaimed items from the resale shops.Old clothing makes excellent craft materials.

  In the second photo on the floor, I have wire baskets filled with some weaving materials to make a rug, lace, more fabrics that I recycled from designer samples, I also have little drawers under there too, filled with rubber stamps, inks, glitter, glues, and fun things like that. I also have all of my quilting rulers under there and more craft tools, like chalks, pounce for marking quilts.

Tonight I looked under my desk-yes I have things stuffed everywhere-and I found this, and old 1942 don perron box:
Mmmm I kinda remember this, picked up at a garage sale probably but what's in it?

 Wow all kinds of beads and sequins. So friday evening, I went thru and sorted out the quality beads-glass, wood, found some ceramic. then I sorted threw the shapes of the plastics. So went threw my other bead boxes sorted them and out now that's done-but not sure yet where to put them in my room yet.  I have run out of shelf space-lol

Here is a view in another part of my room-this room has 3 large windows like the one shown, this window over looks one of our ponds and the bird feeder I posted the other day on my walk. This are is next up to sort threw. You can't really see them well, but there are 3 large trunks in this area-mostly filled with reclaimed wools. The wools are for my hug hooking and crazy quilt.

There are also lots of buttons and embroidery threads in this area, lots of weaving things too that need to be sorted out, plus I have one row of shelving around the rest of the room-one for my hand dye items, and one for lots of weaving yarns in this area. That big canvas bag is full of paper craft items. And just to the left of this picture sits my vintage rug loom-that I have yet had the time to set up since retirement-Larry found it for me at a garage sale and was a surprise gift for my retirement and our move to Missouri. That is on the top of my list this year to hang the harnesses on the pulleys and to weave!-first thing I want to make are some large bath towels.

I am so grateful to have a dedicated room that holds "most" of my creative items. lol It is amazing to me, but some of my sewing items are from the 60s when I was first off on my own and collecting creative treasures.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Orange Oil Update & Pressed salted Cabbage

 Good morning Thursday  (if you visiting me from the blog party visit my post and giveaway here) 

 This morning I strained off the dried orange peels in vodka to make  orange oil.(see my January blog archive for post) I will now put a coffee filter over the top with a rubber band, and let the alcohol evaporate-and hopefully end up with orange oil.  

We got these gorgeous large pink grapefruits in this week, so I am drying those peels too.

In the back you can see my Japanese veggie press with shredded cabbage. I am making up a small batch of fermented cabbage which should help my digestive system get back on the mends. It is made with shredded cabbage, and I boiled 1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of water and cooled and then added over the cabbage. The top squeezes down over the veggies. Should be ready by evening or tomorrow morning.

I Took a Walk to the Ponds and Grabbed the Camera

 Good morning Thursday  (if you visiting me from the blog party visit my post and giveaway here)

      Yesterday afternoon I bundled up and went out to feed the birds and wildlife critters, and bring in wood by the woodstoves.  Wow, did I get a surprise it was warm out there-lol I had to come back indoors and unbundle, did not even need gloves-ended up being almost 60 degrees. wow-never knew the temperture was going back up again yesterday.
   Today however is a different story we are to be quite cold with ice again. After my chores I decided to take a walk, which I was used to doing every day, and grabbed the camera.  Not much to take photos of - you can see how dry we are, and from the third of the pond photos you can see how dry-those ponds are usually full of water to the very top.
  Back up to the house I stood still behind the mimosa tree and captured a couple little birds, and found color up near the house.
   And for Fun: 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reuse Repurpose Doilies

 Good morning Wednesday  (if you visiting me from the blog party visit my post and giveaway here)

  I am still feeling a bit not myself this morning, yesterday it was cold when I was in town with my neighbor friend, and I was going threw a a major attack on my body too-I made chocolate chip cookies a few days ago, not realizing the christmas chips I had purchased had wheat in them. I had not had an attack like I had last night since I was first learning about celiac-and that was 15 years ago. Just never ran into this before wheat in chocolate chips-I will get back to reading labels  more carefully again.

  I am browsing on Pinterest this morning and came across this awesome pin-at least I thought it was a very cool idea
  from here

   Do check the link as this blogger included some awesome ideas for reusing doilies I thought this photo of rolling doilies into your pastry dough was too cool-wouldn't that look pretty on top of a pie?

  Vintage doilies are usually pretty easy to find at garage sales and resale shops-so easy to find what you like. Then what do you do with them? as you can only put so many out and about in your home. So I decided to browse around more on the web for photo ideas.

 love these grocery bags found here

 Wrap favors for a wedding with doilies found here

Beautiful idea found here curtains, tablecloth, lamp shade and more

Now this piece is too awesome-I found it at an etsy shop nuno felt with vintage doilies love it found here

What have you made with your vintage doilies??

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Tuesday & Polka Dot Day

  Those of you visiting my pages from the grow your blog party please visit my post for the party and comment there for my giveaway. (link is in my January archive on the left column)

   I have been visiting and reading more posts lately than I have been posting to my own blog-but this has been a very fun adventure.

   It is quite cold here in the ozarks-below freezing again, and we still need moisture here-as we are still in the drought from last summer, so a good snowfall is on order-lol

   Today is polka dot day--Barbara Brackman has a great blog on polka dots here

  So to celebrate I found some polka dot photos on the web:



I remember wearing lots of polka dots in my youth-I always loved them, but I don't think I have anything any more with polka dots-

Have an awesome Tuesday

Monday, January 21, 2013

Election Day Cake 1833 recipe

I was going thew my search tool here on my blog, looking for a particular recipe and I ran across this post, back in November of 2010. I decided to re post, though today is not the election day announcing the results-it is a celebration day in our country none the less.

Election Day Cake

Election Day Cake
Election Day cake is an American institution.
The tradition dates from the 1600s, but the cakes became more elaborate after colonial independence. Weeklong celebrations often accompanied certifying the election results, and women baked these yeast cakes for out-town-guests.
This recipe is adapted from Lydia Maria Child's recipe for Election Cake, which appears in the 1833 edition of The American Frugal Housewife, published in Boston. We have reduced Mrs. Child's recipe by three-fourths and added a little spice, which was, and is, typical in election cake, though Mrs. Child omits it.
Yield: 24 pieces
  • 1/4 cup lukewarm water
  • 2 packages dry yeast
  • 3/4 cup whole milk, heated to lukewarm
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for kneading and forming
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and cooled
  • 1 large egg, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground or freshly grated nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup currants
1. Pour the water into a 4- or 5-quart mixing bowl. Sprinkle the yeast over the top, and set aside until the yeast dissolves, about 3 minutes. Stir in the warm milk, then beat in 1-1/2 cups of the flour, making a stiff batter. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm place for 30 minutes (no longer).
2. Beat in the butter, egg, sugar, spices, and salt. Then work in the remaining 1-1/2 cups flour, making a soft, rough dough. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set aside for 15 to 30 minutes.
3. Knead the dough until smooth, for 5 to 10 minutes. It will be very soft and sticky. Gradually add more flour as necessary, a few tablespoons at a time, to form a smooth dough.
4. Knead in the currants. Roll the dough into an 8-inch log. Cut the log into 4 equal pieces, then divide each piece into 6 little rolls. To create surface tension so the rolls will puff up round, roll each into a little ball. One at a time, pinch 1 side of the ball with your fingers as though stretching loose skin, then tuck the stretched dough into a pucker at the bottom of the ball. Do this several times until the surface looks taut. Dredge the rolls in flour and arrange pucker-side down in a greased 9x13x2-inch baking pan, 4 rows across, 6 rows down. Loosely drape with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place until generously doubled, 1-1/2 to 2 hours. The rolls should all be touching.
5. Set a rack in the lower-middle level of the oven. Heat the oven to 375 degrees F. Bake the cake until all the rolls are puffed and richly browned, and those in the center register at least 190 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer, about 20 minutes. Let the cake rest in the pan for 3 minutes, then gently shake the pan back and forth until the cake loosens. Invert the cake onto a cookie sheet, then reinvert it onto a rack. Serve warm or at room temperature, preferably on the day of baking.

from Farmer's Almanac

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Sunday & Backyard Visitor

(if you are looking for grow your blog party and my giveaway-check previous post-thanks for visiting)
This has been a strange day for me-not getting going on much today-I did bake up a nice batch of gluten free mint chocolate.chip cookies-those are tasty-lol I do have a turkey in the oven too.
  I did make a sale of some vintage black lace that I have had for ages, and it found an excellent home-love when that happens. Not into football today-don't really care for any of the teams that are left, so looking for a movie to watch-I found Lady and the Tramp lol I have not seen this for years and years and actually forgot most of the story line-so I totally enjoyed the movie-again lol
  I am off to feed the wild critters and see if Nikita would like a walk today. then I think I will read til time to finish up supper.
  Need to be a bit lazy from time to time I guess 
 Here is a photo of a backyard visitor a couple days ago. For my new friends, we live in the woods and our backyard is the woods-starts back there where you see the tree line-so we feed cracked corn to the crtters and bird seed to all the different birds here--our backyard entertainment. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Drawing Now Closed-as we have the winners Participating in "Grow Your Blog Event" & Giveaway


 So glad you dropped by for a visit.

I am Kathy living in the Ozarks of Missouri. I am in my 60's-yikes-can't believe I said that-lol. I retired in the fall of 2003 from 25 years with the phone company (telephone operator) and also retired from my husband's and my business About Birds of 20 years. We raised exotic birds for small pet shops, zoos and private breeders. We even earned a first ever breeding award for the hanging parrot.

I am a country farm girl at heart, I live simply cause it is just who I am; so in my blog I share all kinds of things that I do-some for the first time. I preserve foods by canning, freezing, dehydrating. We heat our home only with wood, we hunt to put up venison and turkey in our freezer and in jars. We fish so we can enjoy fresh trout and catfish. I love herbs, so I search them out and blog about them. I also share lots of recipes of mine and recipes that I find and would like to share. I have had celiac for around 15 years or more now-so I share allot of gluten free recipes and information.

I also have many interests in the fiber world-I prefer natural fibers to work with in my quilting, sewing, weaving, rug hooking, needle felting-and I collect beautiful fabrics, threads, wools, and more for my projects. I am someone that has at least 4 things going at the same time-yes they do all get finished-in I also really really love to hand dye fabrics both with chemical dyes from Dharma and also natural dyes-so I also love to share those experiences with my readers. 

Oh and my favorite time period is the early 1800's threw the civil war-so I have collected lots of reproduction fabrics and plan to make several quilts of this time period.

We moved to Missouri upon retirement,originally from northern Illinois close to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We wanted to move a little south to avoid severe winters, and we wanted to live amongst the wildlife critters-so I also share photos of our deer and turkey visitors and whom ever else may drop in. We live in the woods here in the ozarks.
    We live pretty secluded, which I love however we are about 30 minutes from towns which is nice-but shopping is limited, so I buy allot online. I love the resale shops that are in one of the towns near me; I am big on buying reclaimed cottons and wools to use in my projects.

    So, why and when did I start blogging??

When we first moved down to our new home in Missouri, our house was in much need of major things to be done (our home is still not finished-although my rock shower is completed but another wall in the bathroom is not, floors yet to be laid with tile or wood, but I just don't worry about that any more-I am enjoying the experience as we continue to finish up) I knew no one, and hubby was quite ill at the time. So here I am kinda stuck cause things were not yet ready for me to do what I can do-paint etc. and I did not know anyone either.
     Sooo,  my Mom in Indiana one day said why don't you find a little corner somewhere and set up your sewing machine-and learn to quilt. Learn to quilt?? mmm ok-so that led me to a yahoo online quilt group where I met friends and learned how to quilt--and I also discovered blogging.
     So I started on Yahoo 360 which I totally loved, and then when that went under most of my friends went to Multiply and my quilt friends came here to Blogger. At the time I did not understand how to set up my blog here, so I was mostly on Multiply but I did cross post to here for several years. Then last year Multiply went down so I copy and pasted the posts I wanted to keep for reference to my blog here. So, please feel free to use my search tool-to find lots of recipes, gluten free, canning, herbs etc etc.
   I love this blog site, but have always had the problem of meeting new friends that would actually comment or to find friends with similiar interests. 
    I am feeling much more like home here now though, as blog friends in my past have found me again, I have met new friends here, and a couple friends from Multiply are here as well-but I am always loving to meet new people with common interests and also not so common interests as well. I love learning new things from my friends.
   I was so happy to run into Vicki at 2 Bags Full who is holding this event today-thank you so much for doing this for us.

Sharing a Giveaway

I love giveaways, especially if I am lucky enough to win, but this time I want to do the giving.

 I want to give away 2 of my handmade little mini pillows. The backings of the pillows have been hand dyed by me with mimosa leaves from my tree in the backyard, and I stuffed the pillows with organic cotton batting.
     I will randomly pick 2 winners the old fashion way-by putting everyone's name in a jar-shake it up-and have hubby choose the winners. Here are the photos-if you wish; tell me which pillow you would prefer should you win. That's it just leave a comment here on this blog post, all readers are invited to enter. If you don't have a blog with email, please leave your email in comments so I can contact you-should you win
   I will draw and announce the winner early morning on February 1st, 2013
On Sale--A Little Bird in the Peonies Told Me So-Mini PIllow--On Sale

On Sale--Golden Peonies Mini Pillow--On Sale

and here is the backing on both pillows

On Sale--Golden Peonies Mini Pillow--On Sale

Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you here on my blog.  Kathy

Here is a link to our host's blog-with a list of over 400 blogs that are participating in this event-enjoy!

Orange Oil Being Made

  Remember a couple posts back about all those oranges we got last week? With me making up fresh orange juice, and then making some orange cleaner with vinegar, and lastly a recipe for making orange essential oil?  (here is a link to the first post on the juice and there are couple posts after for the vinegar and oil-just click on newer post at bottom of each blog post)

   Well the orange vinegar smells awesome-going to let it sit in the vinegar for about a month instead of just a couple weeks. I dried some orange peels-but bummer one of my trays started to mold so just threw that tray out. I had it in the garden window in the kitchen-but because of our very cold temps that window collected moisture so got the mold. Didn't want to take any chances of mold transfer, so just thought better to throw it all out.
   I did have one tray that dried up nice so decided to start a batch of the essential oil, I had just enough vodka left over from making the last fruit brandy to do this with. I could have used that extra tray of dried peels though. I am going to start drying some more so may be able to add to this bottle before the alcohol all evaporates away. Anxious to see how this works-will save money to make my own instead of buying the orange essential oil for my soaps and things.

  I am thinking on my next batch of dried peels I will remove more of that white that is on the inside of the peel-perhaps that will get more of the dried orange exposed to the alcohol.

  Will keep ya posted on how this works

Update--oops I should have re read my recipe-as I just looked at it again and I realized I was suppose to process this into small pieces in my processor first and then add to the vodka to release the oil-- covered for serveral days, let sit and then strain out letting oil evaporate-so read the recipe first if you want to do this-now to decide how to proceed-lol

Second Update-don't ya just love this play by play-lol

  Since the peels were now soft from sitting in the vodka for a bit, I fished them out with tongs into a bowl-and then just tore them in smaller strips-and I was quite surprised-there is oil floating on the surface already-now how cool is that??  so below photo is how it should look at this stage-except my peels are larger than they should be

I'm Up in the Middle of the Night & Craft Room Update

  Don't ya love it when you sleep real sound and then just wake up figuring it's time to get up-and it's 1 am in the morning? Thankfully I do not do this often.

   I also woke up cold, so I am in the living room typing away after I put more wood in the wood stove-once it gets going again I will be nice and warm as my new little computer area sits right next to the wood stove-loving that.

   I have been working long days in my craft room-I am sticking to this project til it's finished-just got to. Yesterday I finished up with the one wall that is floor to ceiling shelves. I have several more days of working on this-so hopefully by end of next week I will have a clean and organized studio again.

  Made it threw all of the quilt fabrics, all of the batting and quilt backing fabrics, and finished getting started projects into their own bags and labeled. I know I don't have as much fabric in my collection as allot of quilters I know-but I definitely have more than I will ever sew up-I am sure of that-lol I must not buy more fabric on impulse-only fabrics I might need for a specific project. Collecting beautiful fabrics can be an addiction, just like collecting beautiful yarns, beautiful wools, beautiful threads-yep that's why my studio is just crammed full-lol

   Today and Saturday we will be getting a warm up with sunshine and 50's-so that means I will be refilling the wood in the rack up by the house, and catching up on the weeks laundry. I guess we are to be bitter cold again come Sunday into next week. 

  Next area in my craft room-studio that I will be tackling next is getting my dye supplies up back on the shelf where they belong, and going threw all of my reclaimed wools. Last year I hadn't realized that I was maxed out in space for wool, and kept buying anyways when I found nice pieces at the resale shops, Nice wool is not something I run across on a regular basis, so when I am in the 50% and 80% off racks and see beautiful 100% wools-well I can't resist. So I need to go threw that and remind myself what I have and get things tightened up. and remind myself no more wool buying-for now.

    My reclaimed wools are used for rug hooking mostly, but I have also been wanting to make a crazy quilt with  mostly wools-I did that test block last summer and had so much fun with it that I definately will get back into that again. I also use wools for appliques in my fiber art pieces. Which brings up more items-which I did find a place for yesterday on the shelves-wool rovings and silk noils for my needle felting-which I love working with.

   When I started my Kathyinozarks soap business on Etsy-well all the supplies for that ended up in my craft room-just no other place to store them-so with the reclaimed plastic shelving we found-most of that area is now straightened up too. Which brings me up to tell you that my hydrosols came in yesterday along with the pretty blue spray bottles. They smell wonderful-and I will be putting those in my soap shop this coming week. I will have lavender water, rose water, vanilla water, and ylang ylang water essential hydrosols. I think these will be lovely as a fresh room spray and also for a linen spray.

I wanted to offer a big welcome to two old blog friends from our yahoo 360 days that found me again. Isn't blogging wonderful? Being retired and pretty secluded in our woods here in the ozarks of Missouri-I love my blog and interacting with friends. So welcome Kim and Lesa. Over the last week or so my friend Diana from Multiply found me again, and I found a new blog friend Meredith who knits gorgeous things-so welcome welcome. I was so excited to find you all on my pages. Also, welcome to Mitch whom I met thru a mutal friend Loretta. Mitch is a photographer and shoots gorgeous photos. Also, happy to reconnect here with a few other former Multiply friends.

Everyone is please welcome to go threw my blog list in the left column. I have lots of blogs in my reader as well that I go to when I have the time, but my main blogs I enjoy reading so far are in my blog list. I have food blogs, gluten free, hand dye and quilting blogs, woodstove cooking, and more. The one thing I love about this blog site is finding so many wonderful and creative people.

ok now that I have "talked" your ears off, perhaps I can catch some more sleep-nite.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art From Across the Waters

  I am so excited the last of my art swaps has arrived. I am so thrilled to own an art piece from long time blog friend Loretta in Scotland. 

  She let me choose from several pieces, and I loved this one the most. I especially loved it that she placed her art in a frame with glass- It now sits on top of my computer so I can enjoy every day-thanks so much Loretta.

 I have really enjoyed our christmas art swap-hope everyone that participated enjoyed it also. I may do this again in late summer to fall so as not to be during the christmas holidays. I will be looking for frames for my other paintings and place them around the house where I can view and enjoy--I have my quilt wall hanging in the dining room from Jilly, and I am enjoying wearing my knitted hat and gloves in this cold weather--thanks again to everyone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That's Hard Work Going threw Stuff-lol

  It's a cold day again today, and the house seemed much colder too. Larry and I were both cold, even though we have the wood stoves going.
   So, I got my sweats on and a thick sweatshirt and dove back into my craft room.
I tackled the wall that is covered with shelves  and full of books and quilt material. Also little cabinets with drawers etc on the bottom.
    Well, I made it thru all the books-from weaving, hand dyeing, sewing, quilting-etc. Have a stack to try and sell-and make room for new books-lol Also rearranged so I could find all my 1800's and civil war quilt information.
    Went thru drawers with stamps, and bits of yarns-reminded me of what I have, and took some out to sell that I know I won't use. 
  A biggie was going thru two large boxes of papers, and stationary. I finally have a couple places I can put those things-so that gave me back some more floor space. 
    Was getting tired and looked at the clock-and wow it is 3 in the afternoon, so need to get the firewood in and feed the wild critters.
   Time flew by today for sure. Tomorrow I will tackle the fabric stash-and see if I can eliminate any of it. I don't like to eliminate too much cause when I get in the creative mood-I want things on hand-but I do need to really destash a bit. Once that has been gone thru I need to tackle my large wooden vintage desk-which is perfect for cutting out material for quilts and for creating.
   My desk has been trashed with all kinds of things for making crazy quilt blocks-which includes everything from threads to beads, to laces-I think I could spread out and fill up a whole house with my stuff-lol one room for weaving, one for quiltting, and so on. 
    Need to get going-just thought I would drop in and post-as I actually have not been on the computer since early early this morning.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Need to get my Day Going

Some mornings it amazes me how much time I can spend on the computer. This morning I visited new blogs and was quite inspired by all the creativity I read about. So don't feel my time was wasted away. I also went thru my blog list that is on my page here-and deleted those that never have interacted with me. Some are informative blogs for me, but a few just never ever visited me-so those are back in my reader list.
   I like having the blogs that I enjoy interacting with on my page here, so I can see at a glance when they have a new post. I do know that I have readers that never comment, but I am working on getting more interaction amongst my reader-friends.

I have things I need to get going on today-like my craft room-such a disaster. I have a dedicated room, but it is on the small size for all I do-and when I added some reclaimed shelves to organize my soap supplies better-that took over space that other things used in the same floor space-so a step ahead also caused a step backwards.  

I still have leather that I took out of my trunk, to go thru and to decide where and how to store and if I want it still. and some of it has mold on it so I need to gather that up and make some bleach water to clean. A good project for evening tv watching.

I also save boxes for shipping, as well as packing materials-so that is growing and taking over my room. I have saved bags of shredded paper cause I want to make handmade papers-so do I need all that paper now? Won't be making the paper til I can work outdoors.

So on it goes. It is also quite cold here now, and although my craft room is off the living room where we have a wood stove-that room gets little benefit from the heat. My room is also exposed on 3 sides to the elements so it is normally going to be cold. But, I really need to get in there today.

I have actually gotton quite overwhelmed by the task, so I needed to have my mental thinking set in a most positive way. I think I am ready for it now-lol

Enjoy your Monday

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice In my Yard

Today was a stay indoors kind of day. I made angel food cakes and also persimmon cookies for us today. When the sun came out this afternoon I went out to feed all the critters and the birds-and I grabbed the camera as well.
We were below freezing all day, so the ice did not melt. We got just enough ice to make the woods pretty, but not cause problems. we will be 10 degrees f which feels colder since we just had a week in the 60s.


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