Monday, December 10, 2012

Wood stove Cooking

I am more and more wanting a wood cook stove-I have no idea where I would put it {#basic-ohsnap.gif}, but I have always wanted one-and to learn how to cook and bake on it well.
  I have thought of designing something on a patio, with the wood cook stove, and have a roof over the stove-for the pipe and to protect it from the elements. we are getting old now so don't know if this will ever happen-but I still want one-lol
   I have run into a few articles online, and this one caught my eye-cooking on an exisiting wood stove. Now I have done this in the past-so perhaps I need to expand this idea further. I have all the cast iron I would ever need-we have been collecting pieces  for 30 years now-I pick up a piece when ever I see something we don' t have, can afford, and is usa vintage.
  anyways here is a post I just ran into today This even goes into cooking inside the woodstove-which I never would have thought of-one would need to have the fire temperature fairly low for this I would think. I do have that cookbook they show at the end of the article-I picked up this book just before retirement-I need to get that out and read it again.
   Here is another post I ran into allot of it information cooking on the woodstove-so I guess I need to look into this further-cooking on the wood stoves we have already.
  If you happen to be like me and dream of a wood cook stove (I know I am wierd) here is a page with lots of photos.



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