Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thoughts on my Blog Here on Blogger

  I started this blog right after Yahoo 360 went under, cause allot of my quilting friends decided to come here and allot also went to Facebook. Now this month Multiply has gone under-and I have chosen to use this as my main blog for archiving my material.

  When Multiply added the cross posting feature a couple years ago-I also brought allot of my blogs on recipes and crafts etc. here.

  I love my page on blogger, I love all the added features here, great archiving tools, search tools, I can list the blogs I like to read on one of the side panels.

  A couple things I don't like here, when I make a comment on another bloggers page-I am not notified if there was a reply to my comment-only way to know that-is to go back and find my comment.

  It is also difficult to get friends built up here. Seems most post their blogs, but do not interact with comments to their blog. Is it just me, and have some of you ran into this as well?  I have found a couple blogs I enjoy reading, and I enjoy commenting on-but for the  most part never get any feedback on my comments-Also they don't comment on my blog-so I am figuring they do not visit me. 

  Most of my Multiply friends went to Blogster-there I can have great interaction with friends-but the format of the software is soooo old and outdated that nothing works well, and who ever is in charge there does not care to fix anything.  So, I know that no blog site seems to have it all.

  I would love comments here about what I am experiencing here on blogger-does this happen to you as well-little interaction, and difficult to get friends here? thanks

Also any thoughts on google plus-I joined that and still do not have that figured out.I have my blog tied in with that.
    It seems set up for better interaction with friends-but the few friends I have here do not interact there either. 


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