Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sharing my New Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

  I wanted to share this recipe, cause it is sooo delicious. The last couple years, especially, I have been searching for a really tasty homemade hot cocoa mix, and not one of those recipes from my 60s and 70s years that used an instant coffee creamer, and nextle's quik, etc. have you ever read the ingredients on those things?? lol  And I no longer buy any premade cocoa mixes from the store. If you read the ingredients, even on the no sugar ones, you will understand what I mean.
   Anyways, last year I found one that I liked pretty much, but was still just missing a little body to it, plus I used really dark cocoa which was a bit on the bitter side.
   A little while back I found this recipe from America's Test Kitchen-had to be pretty good right-it is-I love it. It makes a nice big jar full too, I had a couple cups left over from last years mix-so I threw that in, so it would not go to waste. If you need less sugar use a dry sugar substitue. and when shopping for white chocolate chips, be sure to flip the back over, and only buy ones that have no hygronated fats included. The ghiradelli brand is excellent. I think adding these chips in was the missing ingredient. I think this is a better quality cocoa then store bought. and I change up the milk, instead of cows milk when making up my hot cocoa, I heat up soy milk, or almond milk, or coconut milk-all with no added sugars.
Hot Cocoa Mix from the America"s Test Kitchens
3 cups nonfat dry  milk powder
2 cups confectioners sugar I used half splenda and half conf. sugar could also use a sugar-stevia blend-I like Domino's brand
1 1/2 cup white chocolate chips I used ghiradelli brand
1 1/2 cups Dutch processed cocoa I used a good quality from Penzeys spices
1/4 teaspoon salt I omit
Stir all ingredients together in a large bowl until well combined
working in a couple small batches, process in food processor intil all the chips are ground fine.
the mix can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 months-or freeze what you do not think you can use up in 3 months
To make a cup of hot cocoa: heat one cup of milk until steaming-3 to 5 minutes  in a small pan on the stove-I popped mine into the microwave on medium til it was steaming hot. whisk in 1/3 cup cocoa mix until well dissolved-this mixed in really really well too.
Pour into mug and top with  marshmallows if desired--they have peppermint mini's now available-yum


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