Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Hanukkah Dinner for Hubby & my New Ecofan for the Woodstove

  I was very pleased with my dinner. Worked on it most of the day, I love to cook, so this was my hanukkah gift to my special someone.
   I started out making kugel, we got the recipe from a friend, and is a little different than the usual eggs, sour cream, and cottage cheese. This recipe is the noodles, tossed with beaten eggs, then raisins, and diced apples are folded in along with cinnamon and vanilla extract, and very little sugar.
   I then started the corn beef on the stove, simmered slowly all afternoon; while making Ingrid's coconut and chocolate delight-these are awesome and will be making these again for sure. Recipe in comments on yesterdays blog.
  For side dishes I make red cabbage with sliced apples, and sprinkled in some caraway seeds that I simmered in a bit of water on top of the stove-this dish was very delicious. I also was so proud of my latkes. I do not do well with fried potatoes, or fried hash browns, so I was a little leary about this.
  After much reading online, and from some of your's input, I decided on following a recipe I found on Food Network. I saw the recipe in a video on their hanukkah recipe page. The chef was Anne Burrell and I will definately save my notes and make it this way again.
   In her recipe she used yukon golds, but I had russetts on hand, and since most recipes used those I did too. I boiled three small russets that were diced small til tender. While they were cooking I shredded three large russets into cold water with lemon juice added. I did not like her idea of using rice wine vinegar to stop the oxidation of the potatoes.  After reading your input on the food mill, I decided to mash the cooked potatoes with my vintage hand masher. Oh and I threw in dehydrated minced garlic into the water while they were cooking. I then poured the shredded potatoes into a strainer. and then squeezed the water out of them by hand til dry-added to the mashed potatoes. I diced a few onions and threw them in. and I beat one egg, and added 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder to the egg and stirred that into the potatoes.
  I used one of my iron skillets with light olive oil-and fried, and then I had a cookie sheet with a cookie rack on it that I put the potatoes on to drain-and put those in a warm oven to keep hot til ready to serve. For sides we had apple sauce and sour cream for the latkes, green olives stuffed with blue cheese-which are fabulous, mustards and horeseradish, and red wine.
    An awesome feast if I must say so myself-lol  Larry will probably try out the kugel tomorrow for breakfast.
Oh and this is a photo of my new fan for the wood stove-love it-no noise-none-those of you that run a woodstove in the house you know what I mean-those fans are just too noisy for me
I found this fan in the lehmans catalog and showed it to Larry. he says yes I have been looking at those for a few years now and they have been fairly expensive. These were down to 150.00 but plus shipping. so we looked on ebay-and Lehmans was selling their newest models of these ecofans for 119.00 with free postage-so we bought one to try. I love it-I thought the photo of the fan would show it in spin mode but doesn't. No electric to run these-they just sit on top of your wood stove. when I get some extra money I want to get one for our second stove. They do throw the heat-and they are Quiet-did I tell ya I love that-lol


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