Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Boiled Cider Comes off the Wood Stove

    I just took this off the wood stove.

 I started out with 1/2 gallon or a little more of apple cider, and placed it in my Griswold cast iron pot, along with a 4" cinnamon stick.  I probably could have let this cook down a little more, but I love the flavor already. I guess I didn't want more to cook away-lol. This is a little over a cup, and could have gotton a little thicker. I figured for a glaze over meat, I can put some of it back on the stove.
      I am making us Belgian Waffles tomorrow morning so will use this for a syrup choice along with the maple syrup I have from Wisconsin. See my blog a couple posts back for the link back to Jims wood stove cooking. I will do this again.


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