Friday, December 21, 2012

Making Chocolate Popcorn & on the Wood Stove Boiled Cider

  I have posted this recipe in the past, but it is so good. I use the very first recipe listed here but I use quality dark chocolate instead of the milk chocolate.  It turns out crunchy and fabulous just like the gourmet store bought Thought I would make up a batch today and we will deliver it to our small post office here to enjoy.

  Sunshine today, no wind, but still very cold here. Is to warm up later on this afternoon. 

   I put some jazz on for background music today. I actually prefer quiet most days-no tv no radio, but today I was in the mood for some jazz.

   I also am making some boiled down cider, to use as a glaze. I read about it on Jim's wood stove cooking blog. Since it is colder now and the wood stoves are cranking, thought this would smell good too as it cooks down. I just happen to have a gallon of cider in the pantry.

  Yikes,  from this photo my wood stove looks pretty dusty, as does my Griswold pot (which is actually nice and tempered and clean inside)   My new ecofan from Lehmans is actually turning fast and pushing out heat from the stove.

  Have an awesome friday.


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