Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lazy Day Today and Venison Roast

  Turned out to be a real lazy day today. Windy and pretty cold this morning, so I did my outside chores, and was in for the rest of the day; keeping the wood stove filled with wood for a warm fire.
  I had taken out a small venison roast last night, marinated it in just a small amount of Louisanna marinade, and this morning I rinsed it off well with cold water, and put it in the slow cooker on top of thin sliced red onion and minced garlic, with just a tad of light olive oil. It stayed in the slow cooler on very low all day. The juices made up into a delicious gravy, and I made fresh mashed potates, and frenched green beans along with a tossed salad. Definately Good Eats!!
   I just got in a large soap order, that needs to be totally fragrance free, so since the venison smelled so good cooking-was worried about scent transfer to the soap-my customer is extremely allergic to all fragrances--so I will start on that early tomorrow morning, so today I got into reading a book I had recently purchased.
  I needed a little break from my civil war book-on scattered ground-am up to a long chapter that was wriitern by Mark Twain. So I put that down and stared on my Sparks book The Lucky One. My mom introduced me to this author-his stories keep you reading til you are finished. I am about half way thru the book now.
   Now usually what I do, when it gets to a major turning poing in a book-I read the last chapter-to find out if everything turns out ok-this drives my friends and family nuts-but I have always done this on a good book. But so far I have not done that with this one-and will try hard not too lol This book is so good I may continue reading it this evening.
   Happy weekend everyone.


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