Monday, December 10, 2012

Healthy Mondays Christmas Goodies

I haven't posted a healthy mondays in awhile, so since I am watching the Packers play in their game tonight, and I just finished another pillow for my craft swap-I decided to look for healthier goodies to make for Christmas.
  Elana's pantry is one of my new go to sites for gluten free, she also posts vegan and grain free, and her recipes are very user friendly and good tasting. check here for 10 christmas cookies. 
   I found a very long list of healthier cookie recipes from Eating Well here  lots of choices on this site.
   from above site I found Boot Tracks-it is made with your waffle iron

From the Nourishing Gourmet I found several healthier chrismas candy recipes-refined sugar free here

20101124IMG 3227 thumb My Favourite Snickerdoodles

I found a vegan snickerdoodle cookie recipe that looks good-I would change up the sugar to organic sugar, or could use coconut sugar, stevia-sugar blend, or other healthier sugar choices. recipe here


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