Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday-Doings

  Today was one of those dreary looking days, very cloudy, and one could feel the weight of the air.  There is a winter blizzard coming from the west of us and will make it's way up north by just missing most of Missouri as it heads up towards Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago area and further north. We are to get a thunderstorm tonight, along with very cold temperatures.

  It definately feels and looks like a storm brewing here. So this morning I refilled the wood rack, brought in wood for the two wood stoves, and then helped Larry bring in some more wood, and he also wanted to get the wood splitter out of the woods and up near the house and covered. So with that task finished, I have been doing up the laundry, and getting ready for supper.

   When ever a possible storm is coming, I like to have dry wood in, laundry washed, and clean up the house a bit as well-in case we should lose our electric. I do have several gallons of water on hand as well.

   We have been enjoying our daily deer visitors. Always the young twins, lots of does, and once in awhile a buck. The wild turkey flock we watched up near the house since spring-paid us a visit too this past week-my have they ever grown-so cool to see these very large turkeys up so close to our bay window-

   Black powder season has opened up-and ends on christmas day, I am thinking of going out in the woods to one of our food plots and hunt tomorrow and the next day-will be the perfect weather for it.

  So are you all ready for Christmas? Have not decided what to make us for Christmas dinner. It may just be bbq ribs, cause they are Larry's favorite food, and I still have some in the freezer.

   well, enough rambling on-have a great evening all



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