Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone-and my Thoughts

                     {#airborne.gif}  Happy New Year Everyone{#airborne.gif}

This morning we woke up to an inch or two of fresh snow-first snow of the season here where I live. Just enough to make the woods beautiful.
We are going to our friends Mr L tonight, for his annual shrimp boil on New Years Eve. Nice to be invited out to a friends, and very local as well. I will be making a pasta dish to take along with some garlic bread.
Still making soap today. My order was for 3 dozen bars. I can usually manage to make 1 dozen a day, so hope to be able to mail out on wednesday. I was really thankful for this order; it gave me a boost for my shop as I was very dissappointed with my holiday sales as a whole-but also very thankful for the sales I did receive. and I was also happy to be able to make a soap totally fragrance free for my customer-so that most of all made me happy.
My thoughts on the coming New Year: as I have mentioned before I never was one to make a list of resolutions. Instead, as I have gotton older, I may make a few goals for myself instead. 
   1. To make my little world here in my woods as happy and content as possible. 
   2. Enough of all the gloom and doom-especially the direction I preceive our country is going.
While reading this book on the civil war-"On Shattered Ground" sorry, but these times-although different-just do not compare. We will survive this-some how some way. Our country is still the greatest country on earth. and I weill strive to keep it so-in what ever I can do. ps--I found it promising that the senate republican minority leader called in the vice president-a democrate-to help with negotiations on this fiscal cliff. as it seems the President is keeping the hands of the democratic majority leader tied on how he can compromise  so people in congress are trying to work together-although the news media does not want anyone to think that
ok sorry enough politics
   3. one of my goals still remains on my list-to look at the positive rather than the negative, to keep an open mind, to continue learning.


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