Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Morning to all my Readers

  My laundry soap saga-{#basic-ohsnap.gif} well late last night I checked my 5 gallon bucket of soap-and it still did not look like soap-so figuring perhaps I boiled away the soap since it took me too long to get it all grated-I grated 3 more bars of soap-but larger flakes so went faster-boiled that down with a large pan of the mixture-and added back in to the bucket-still some wierd soap I have here-{#rofl.gif}I am really thinking that perhaps the glycerin could be the problem. I used a different glycerin-I thought glycerin was all the same-but perhaps not? don't know-but I did add it to everything in the beginning of the process, and not folded in at the end-that was really the only difference. 
   well I am not going to throw out 5 gallons of soap-so will use it and see how it cleans, and not worry about this any more.
  For those of you that are interested-I found a new blog about the adventures of someone and their wood cook stove here  I am finding it interesting reading, and can adapt some of it to my wood stove. Todays blog was about boiled cider. I have seen that mentioned in gourmet food magazines and always wondered about it. you put cider in a pan-put on the back burner of your stove and forget about it for several hours while it cooks off all the water-you end up with a thick syrup like honey-I happen to have a gallon of cider on hand-so I may just boil down half of it. Might be good over belgian waffles.
   I am kinda blah today and cold too this morning, we are getting use to cold temps again this week. Don't know what I want to do yet, when it warms up, I need to refill the wood rack, take the compost bucket out, and see if Nikita wants to take a walk later.
  We have been getting 4 to 6 deer visitors every afternoon now, but still no sign of the wild turkey flock. I miss seeing those guys.
  Those of you watching the Voice-were you surprised who got sent home last night?? The final 4 are all excellent-and any one of them can win. I was surprised who went home though, the young teenager with an unbelievable voice-but I know celo green will help him now with his career going forward.
  Have an awesome new day everyone!!
more vintage cards here

Update-well I just went in the laundry room to try out the soap--and and I got soap!-it looks like it is suppose to now 
So needless to say I am happy happy now.


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