Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Candy Making

  Today is warmer and full sunshine, so especially since we have full sun-going to make some candy today.
   Thought I would share some links to my archived recipes:
       peanut brittle    I love this one, and have gotton good at making this-lol
        divinity  new for me last year-fun to make and turned out awesome
       fanny may fudge-with my version of mostly dark chocolates, less sugar
        Ina Gartner's white chocolate lollipops-I could not find my post on this one, but here is her recipe-I love this one-made these last year, as I watched her make them on her show.

These are my favorites, and my new favorite this year is the coconut chocolate recipe I got from Ingrid-Rabbit. I used my sugar free coconut from bobs red mill, and dark chocolate-this is so awesome-just melt 8 ounces of chocolate-she has semi sweet, and toast 2 cups of shredded coconut-then stir the coconut into the melted chocolate-thats it- drop by teaspoonfulls on waxed paper cookie sheets-let set up-and then pop them in your mouth.  I made another batch this morning using half dark chocolate and half chocolate mint chips, and I forgot to toast the coconut-but I like them this way too-a little more chewy instead of more crunchy--thanks again Ingi.
  Just need a little break-off to make my fudge-I am using coconut-almond milk this time for the milk and mostly all unsweetened dark chocolates. will use half organic sugar and half splenda to help keep the sugars down.

Photos of my dark chocolate fudge-so heavenly, and the chocolate coconut drops
This fudge is as creamy and fabulous as it looks. I used for the milk diamonds coconut-almond milk, 2 cups organic sugar, stevia-sugar blend for a cup of the sugar, and 1 cup of splenda, all the chocolates were mostly different darks-like bittersweet, or baking so less sugar in the chocolates, and I did use a cup of dark chocolate chips and dark mint chocolate chips once this sets up-I will cut into small pieces, and store in the freezer. this makes 5 pounds of fudge-
Larrys says it is windy and still quite cold outdoors-so next up us homemade caramels-a first for me.

  Just took the caramels off the stove and poured them. they are now to cool a bit til set up. I don't own an 8 by 8 pan so I used a longer and more narrow one-which I think will be good, as the caramel will not be so thick. It taste like caramel-but I think is not going to be chewy like kraft caramels, but harder. Have never made or had homemade caramels so do not know what they should be like.
   It did take forever, allot longer than 10 minutes, to get up to the 148 degrees. I did even bring out my vintage taylor thermometer to see if my new taylor was correct-and they both read the same temperature.
the next step is to sprinkle with fancy salt-I have kosher flaked, that I will use, and cut into pieces. I think they said to cut this in half and then roll them up and then cut and salt-have not decided if I want to roll them up though-

Here is Ina's recipe for the caramels


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