Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy Day Yesterday-Winter Coming in Over the Weekend

 My neighbor friend and I spent the entire day in town yesterday. She needed to get some things looked at on her car at the dealers, I had a dentist appointment, and we both had food shopping, and a stop at Kitchen Collections too. In the process of dropping her car off and me walking to the dentist, she told me about a book store right around the corner.
   This was a treat as they had one very long wall of magazines-mostly speciality magazines on different topics-including lots of fiber arts, so I enjoyed that adventure and came away with a mixed media magazine from Australia.
  The other big hunt was for a new wood stove thermometer. Ours are all going on 30 years now, and one of them finally stopped working. the main stores did not carry them, a lumber yard had one I did not like, so I said who will have one for sure is the farm store. I got the last one. We are used to our thermometers with the colors-ranging from yellow up to red-red being too hot, and that is the one the farm store carried.
      Started early in the morning and we got home just before dark-so yep a long day-lol
   I bought a few things to make christmas treats for us, want to try some new recipes and will give allot of it away too. 
   I have two more items to make for my swaps, this has been fun for me to create nice pieces again. I have busy making soap and putting up venison, and doing other things that I really needed to get back in my craft room again. So thanks again to all that swapped with me.
   We have had May like weather for a week now-and we are getting spoiled for sure. but winter temps are slowly on their way-the house was cold this morning as we have been used to 60s at  night.
   Not sure what I want to do today. I may wash up all the rugs again and clean a little so everything is washed before the 20s hit here next weekend. I also need to make up another pail of laundry soap-I seem to be going thru it much faster than last year-doing up more rugs this year I think. I can do that while I work on another of my swaps.
  I am with friend Deb, not being able to tag my blogs the way I want to and being able to archive them so I can go back to them-is a real drag here. Hoping the new blogster rewrite gets unveiled soon.
  Happy Hump Day everyone. I guess I know I am getting older when mostly the only christmas cards I receive are from business's now-and not having any family here-and being so busy with other things this year, I may not bring out my little trees this year-although I may do that christmas eve like I did last year. Hubby is jewish, so we never did allot with the holidays-but I do enjoy cooking and baking for all the holidays
  Enjoy your wednesday


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