Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Non Productive Day Today

  I am one of those people that even though I am retired, I am still pretty busy and productive. I am either cooking or baking something, making soap, or doing something creative out of my craft room. I also have many projects in the house to do too-like finish up the tissue papered walls in the bathroom, set more rocks in there too. 

Not today though-wasn't too productive-lol

   Today, with the weather here-very high winds and quite cold, I thought a good day to weave. I have towels on my smaller loom still, and need to get those woven off. I have probably 2 more towels to weave plus the one I am working on now. These are kitchen towels or can be used as hand towels. In my search tool-lower left side bar, near my fish-if you type in weaving-it should bring up this project. Well, with all this wind making noise I just could not get into this-as I need to be focused.
   I did read a bit in a civil war book I picked up "On Shattered Ground" I really like this book so far-it is a composite in timely order of the events of the war but thru documents and written material only.
  This morning I made a double batch of my amoretto recipe-had not made that in some time, and is nice to have around. I usually like that over the rocks or mixed with scotch over the rocks. If you put in recipes beverages, you will find it in that tag there is a post with my kaluha recipe and amoretto recipe together.
   I also spent way too much time on the computer today. But a day like this, is nice to do as well. I ended up deleting my google plus account-so if I did that right it should be gone. Never was really comfortable with that-and I really don't need it. No interaction over there, and most of my friends that tried it too do not like it-and have ended up on facebook instead.
     I am working with my other blog-blogster- and here too, with better communication between my readers. That will be my goal in the coming year.
   We were going to go out hunting tonight-it is black powder season-but decided to wait til tomorrow-for the wind to die down.
   Well, I am off to make supper


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