Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Memorable Conversation with my Mom Today

  I call my Mom at least once a week, sometimes more. She has dimentia, but actually she is still doing pretty well-things considered. Brother has taken over her financials for her cause she was worried she may forget to pay someone.
   She is as active as she can be with her new local church, and also with a senior program she goes to. She has found rides for these activities. She can not sew any more, which is sad as she used to spend hours on her quilts. Instead she still does lots of reading, and I sent her some new 12" blocks to embroider, which she can still do and enjoys.
  A couple years ago she had mentioned about the wood cook stove that she was brought up with-thru the entire time til she went off to college. She had called me this afternoon cause she was bored, I told her when that happens to just call me or her friends. Now never before-growing up as kid at home-do I remember her ever mentioning the wood cook stove, and no indoor plumbing.
  So, anyways I brought the conversation back to the wood cook stove. I told her about my boiled cider-which did not remember ever having. But she said she remembered it was a real art to bake something perfectly in the wood cook stove. Of course very easy to cook on top of the stove-lol She said she loved the huge water resevoir the best-cause they always had hot water that way for all their needs. Including taking a bath-so she told me they had these galvanized tubs-would use the hot water from the stove to take a bath in.
   So this was a really neat conversation we had. Learned that the house was not updated with a hot water heater and shower, and gas stove, til the early years of when she had left home and gotton married. 
  After todays conversation-my farm girl country roots definately came from my mom and her parents. 
 Just wanted to share this, our conversations in the past are usually a bit strained, and I can't wait to get off the phone with her. This was really nice, and will be very memorable-I will think of this as my Christmas present between the both of us this year.


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