Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Venison from the hunt in the freezer

This has really worked out well-team work with Mr. L  He used to be a professional guide so he has processed allot of deer for people-and he is fast-really fast.
   We don't eat the venison unless all of the sineu is cut out-and it takes forever-it really does, but Mr. L knows how to do it. So he takes the butchered venison home-gets it all prepared then soaks it in ice cold water and stores in buckets in an old frig. for this. and he works all the blood out of the meat, changing the water allot. It takes him 2 days and when he brings it over -its gorgeous meat.
   We had purchased a commercial grinder when we first moved down-so the guys ground all the meat-and I spiced it up and froze. Ended up with 46 pounds of one pound packages of brat sausage, breakfast sausage, italian sausage, and venison spice sausage, along with plain ground. we each will get 4 or 5 bags of each of the four sausages and 6 bags of plain ground. we added in 10 pounds total of fresh ground pork to the sausages. I use 2 parts venison to 1 part pork. So we split it all in half.
  So my back is aching but its finished yeah!! there was so much of it, I needed to spread out all packages in the different freezers we have.  We also split a young deer-so we each got hams and loins from that-so doing good on the venison. Would like to get one or two more to process.
  I was up all night long with our Nikita, her back legs have been giving her troubles for 5 years now, and this past 2 weeks it is getting harder and harder for her to get up off the floor. Last night there was poachers out in the woods-shots went on for 2 hours-I hate cheaters like that--anyways Nikita was upset and came in so I stayed up with her, fell asleep on the couch, and then about 1 am I woke up with her crying. she tried off and on to stand til 6 am when she finally made it up-I feel so bad for her. She is large and 14 years old now-but she has not had any strokes-so will see what develops and what we can do for her. I massaged her legs this morning, and she seemed to like that-as long as I did not touch the really sore area. she kept a close eye on me-lol
   The guys went back out hunting just now-til dark. I want to go out this week too. I am treating myself to the last shot I found in a pricey bottle of scotch. I need a nap-lol
  Oh, and I know most of you will think I am nuts-but I have always wanted the balls bag from a big buck so I can tan and make me a soft bag to put my porcupine quills. I remembered this, so Katie walked me out to find the remains-and yeah we found it. so thats in the freezer til we have time and Larry can show me how to do this. 


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