Saturday, November 17, 2012

Update on Venison and Art Sunday Yellows and Orange

We ground and froze the buck Larry got the other night. I packaged up 30 one pound packages-so 15 pounds for Mr. L and 15 pounds for us-I like that-no need to buy hamburger in the stores for quite awhile now.
   They butchered the big doe this morning and another young one. So the young one will be cuts-roasts, loins, etc. and the large doe I am going to can-both ground and beef stew chunks. I did allot of reading online and went thru books I have here, and decided on the hot pack method. I know it will take more time, but I think I will like the results better. I dug out my Stocking Up book by Rodale and read their information too.  They were concerned about getting all the raw meat heated thru well, and I read that in an article online too-so that's the way I am going to go this time. Will probably take me a couple days to prepare and process. This will probably also give us another 30 pounds of meat-but canned this time. Good feeling that we will have meat now, and won't need to depend on buying much at the stores thru winter. With the can we will have more than enough venison for a year.

                                           ART SUNDAY



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