Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Shopping Begins Soon-ad for my shops-and Update on Nikita

I was so involved with deer camp, that it did not occur to me that next week is Thanksgiving already. It should have dawned on me sooner, cause I am already getting flooded with commercials for the big shopping day on the friday after. Internet christmas sales usually had their big kick off on monday-cyber monday, but I am hearing they are kicking off on friday too.
   Soooo I have been going thru my etsy shops and adding international shipping to my listings, I have also added a holiday coupon for 5% off total purchase. Just type in holiday for the coupon code.
   In my soap shop I have christmas soap-peppermint bark soap, a gift set of 3 bars of fish soap, pumpkin salt scrub, gardeners soap with pumice, shea butter moisturizer-which i have gotton rave reviews over so far, several bath teas, and of course lots of soap choices too. I still have a goat milk moisturizer to make as well-will do that this week sometime.
  In my fiber shop, I have vintage tins, vintage deer hide leather scraps, hand dyes, rust dyes, weaving books, quilt books, mini lavender sachets, little pillows using my hand dyed and sun painted fabrics, quilt fabric and more.
  This link will take you to both of my shops here  You can also find my etsy shops thru my web page here
  Still working on getting found over on my pages, I am also putting a few items on ebay.
This may be the first year ever I do not go out and buy a turkey-we love turkey too, but with all this venison-that we are blessed with in the freezer now, I may just serve us up a tenderloin instead.

Nikita update:  In my last post I mentioned I was up most of the night with her, as she could not get up off the floor. Her two back legs are getting so bad that they stiffen up on her. She finally made it up yesterday around 6 am. I fed her the morning treat she always gets, bayer plus asprin, and she went in her corner of the fenced in area that she loves-and slept there all day and night. We were not sure what to expect this morning-but at her usual time she knocked on the door to get her food and water and her morning treat. I am going to go out in a bit and see if she is up to a short walk or not. I also decided to add half of one of Larrys pain pills in the  morning and evening, along with her cosequin.  So it will be a day by day now seeing how she does. I felt good that she was able to visit everyone here at deer camp-they have become her friends as well. I am blessed to have our Nikita in our lives all these years-she has a special soul-


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