Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Morning Sunday

  We are waking up to crisp cold mornings now-in the 20s, but here where I live in the ozarks it is also gradually warming back up to the low 60s with sun and no wind-so actually pretty nice weather for us.

   Our Nikita is managing, sleeping allot, sometimes knocks on the door for her morning food-like always, other mornings she sleeps in. Yesterday was a sleep day for her-she got up and moved around a bit, but did not want to take a walk-even though I asked her different times thru out the day. This morning was one of those days she was up at her normal time. She still looks like herself-a very happy soul, most of the time. so we are just enjoying the time we still have with her. Taking each day as it comes.Below are a couple photos I took of her this past week.

   I had made soup stock from the left over organic chicken we had on thursday, and made soup from the left over meat, and added big chunks of potatoes and shredded cabbage-Turned out really well.

   Last night I made my homemade pizza and used my own made venison italian sausage-it was excellent! very happy with the sausage-

    The new soap I featured in my last post are now sold-Yeah love that. So today I will make another batch to have on hand. and I got two repeat orders from previous sales-so perhaps my soap business will survive for a bit longer. I enjoy making soap, and I also love creating hand dyed fabrics-had gotton very discouraged over no or very few sales-so will see what occurs thru the holidays. The shea butter moisturizer is a favorite for everyone that uses it, so I need to make another batch of that too-today or tomorrow.

  Have an awesome Sunday everyone


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