Friday, November 30, 2012

Good morning Friday & I won a Little Giveaway

Well, I am reading my blogs and my emails this morning-so nice to do with a cup of coffee and being retired now don't have to rush off to work-love that. and from the Eat Boutique I won this book. I rarely win anything so this was fun.
I signed up for Eat Boutiques posts by email because they aways seem to have good recipes, and I noticed they did allot of really nice giveaways. They are always featuring different companies too here is what they say on their blog:
Eat Boutique discovers the best small batch foods by boutique food makers. We craft seasonal, regional gift and tasting boxes for food fans, and sell individual items for home cooks. With our global friends, we share recipes, maker stories and city guides to eating boutique. We host tasting events and markets for food makers, cookbook authors and food fans.
I needed to look up the book I won, cause I had entered for another one that was all for canned things and homesteaders which would have been really nice. We don't eat much sweets, Larry can't any more-but I do like to make a few things thru the holidays and January's winters-for fun  My candy books are all ancient so this will be nice to read thru.
    A little sore this morning from the wood stacking. We haven't been able to keep up with the firewood constant-so my body needs to readjust each time.
   Late yesterday afternoon, I picked up Miss Calico kitty and we took a walk to the furthest of our ponds. She used to take walks with me all the time when we first got her about 8 years ago now. When we got to the pond she was anxious to get down and not be carried, so we had a nice walk back together. I think my furry family members have always kept me motivated to take a walk every day.
   It's friday already. this week has flown by for me. I will be making another batch of the christmas soap today-the guest soaps with peppermint and red and green and white highlights on top. as I had sold the first batch I made. and I will be working with more wood this afternoon too, and I need to get back in my craft room and make my swaps.Hoping most of saturday I can devote to my swap projects.
     and I guess I need to think about maling out some of my homemade fruitcakes too-to beat the holiday rush in the mail.  Have an awesome Friday!


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