Friday, November 16, 2012

Canning Venison

  I would like try canning venison again this year. I tried a few pints one year and was not happy with it. I had cut it in slices instead of chunks and it was tough which I thought was odd. So I am checking the net on information on canning venison.

  Found this video, which I like-the meat is in in chunks-that's it. 

I like this article it explains both hot and cold pack method for canning the meat. After reading this I like the hot method better-you brown the meat a bit, pack in hot jars with boiling water. article here

More information here too and explains how to can ground meat, which I thought would be nice as well. I liked these instructions for canning ground venison too here

and I found this venison chili recipe that looks awesome-good recipe to use our home canned ground venison in. recipe here

Any of you that can venison or beef-how do you can yours?


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