Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brrrr Very Cold This Morning

  It was in the teens this morning, that's pretty cold, especially since we have been spoiled with excellent weather. Not to worry though the 60s are coming back in a few days. I love that about Missouri.

   I made up my hand lotion of goat milk and honey-and it whipped up really nice-really like it. However, me and shrink wrap are not getting along too well. I still do not have the hang of that. I like to put that around the jars-helps to seal them during shipping.

   Nikita surprised me, and was ready for a walk today. She hasn't wanted to go for 3 days-so was thrilled she wanted to. I am keeping her on 3 times a day the cosequin ds pills-they really do seem to help her allot. I am also giving her bayer plus asprin twice a day. Its a buffered asprin that is for sever arthritis in us humans.

  So did any of you shop til you dropped?? lol  I am not much into crowds, and I really have no one to buy for anymore. I do enjoy making a few of my handmade crhistmas cards to mail out to a few family members, and I enjoy the craft-art swap-which I am doing with some of my blog friends.

  I did however, buy a book about stones for myself. I have been getting interested in the different stones and crystals and how they can help us-kinda like aromatherapy.That's how I look at them anyways.  So I asked someone that sells these stones and crystals-she is also native american, if she could recommend a book-and she did. So am anxious to get this now. I also have coming on pre order another book about quilts and the civil war by Barbara Brackman-she is a leading authority on the subject, and I have learned allot from her books. She has several blogs going on about different times of history and quilts-see my blog list to the left.

  Well, I better back to my shrink wrap-lol have a great day all



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