Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Monday has Rolled Around-and our Nikita

This has been a rough weekend for us. It has been up and down with our family wolf pet-bad days where she doesn't move for 24 hours and then this morning-she is back to her morning routine-her pork neck bone and then a walk-although our walks are much shorter now. I would like to see if we can take another walk in the afternoons-but depends on her now.
   This morning she was more herself-always smiling, sniffing to see what critters have visited the pond, wagging her tail this morning too.
   I did have a good talk with our farm vet, I asked about different things and they are against steroid shots as that causes other problems, she has been on cosequin for probably 8 years now-asked about uping the dose-more times per day, and she said no that would really not help either at her age. I have done allot of crying over the past few days-I take long walks in the woods and then I am ok til the next time.
   She has been such a loving sweet spirit-I didn't realize how much I will miss her til we went thru these past few days. Larry and I have been married 30 years, and we always have had just one pet, which are usually german short haired pointers. Our pets are part of our family and treated as such. I did cry when our Lance had her heart attack-in fact Larry was down in Missouri at the time-and when i talked with him one morning-I did not want to tel him about Lance til he got back home-but he heard it in my voice-and said what's wrong-when I told him, he dropped everything and drove home (10 hours)  I was very sad, but I am more closely connected with our Nikita-so this time is so much harder for me.
    I know this is the cycle of life-but that does not help the pain.
  I understand now, how much we love each other, she knows too how much we love her-and I understand she will now be having good days and bad days. When she has more bad days then good, and if she starts to suffer too much from pain-then out of love for her  I will call the vet.
   I would love to hear her talk to the coyotes at least one more time-I so much love hearing her howls.

    I was so down about Nikita all weekend that I decided not to can the last of the venison. also Mr. L did not cut the doe right-he was to leave large pieces for me to cut into stew meat, and he cut it all up to grind. He did keep the cuts of the real young deer-and I decded we will enjoy that as fresh roasts and hams-too nice a meat to can. So of the ground we got another 18 pounds total to split. I decided to spice it up without adding pork-which we didn't have-and its a distance to the store. I made a spicy italian which I fried up a little and tastes really good. I added hot pepper flakes to the italian sausage spice, and for the rest of the meat I used the last of my veniosn spice and a few tablespoons of the breakfast sausage spce mix. The italian I wanted mostly for my homemade pizzas, so it will be fine on the dry side. for the other-if too dry can add in ground hamburger or pork. 
  we both ended up with around 40 pounds ground-sausage and plain, and probaly 25 to 30 pounds of roasts, loins, and hams-so yep we got meat in the freezer now. Love that-in fact my freezers are full to the top now.
  I need to rethink thanksgiving dinner for us now, as Mr. L and his wife will be going out to dinner with family-originally he didn't think he would be.  We love turkey-but  don't know if I want to make a special a trip into town just to buy one-need to think on that.

I found this site online-spirit of the wolf here  found it interesting reading


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