Friday, November 2, 2012

A Little Catch Up

   Been busy trying to finish up with some projects before deer camp here arrives-on November 9th-which will be an influx of friends arriving from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Needless to say I need to get a move on so I can get our home in shape. It's always more difficult as our house is still under construction, and I need to re arrange things as well-always a good time though with good friends and good eats. We always look forward to this weekend.

   I experimented with flours for my gluten free fruitcake. This is so loaded with fruits and nuts, that I just needed a dough that would hold everything together well and would slice-so I think I achieved that.

   It was also time to bottle my homemade mixed berry brandy (fruits sugar and vodka) and also my homemade triple sec-which turned out so well-I will definately be making this again. This one was made with lots of fresh orange juice and orange zest infused in vodka and sugar-it tastes like orange liquor.perfect for making up my margaritas.

   I have just a few more new items to make for my soap shop-see link to left on upper corner. I made up a bath tea with European spa salts and herbs and flowers for a muscle rescue-when we overdo hard work. 

  and the last photo, our wild turkey flock still visits us each day. This scene was too funny. I had just put out corn for the deer, as the turkeys had left already after eating their corn. They must have been in the woods and seen me put out fresh corn-as they came out soon after I got in the house. The deer had also come to eat-but if you look real close in the bush to the left-they had just shoooed off this deer. They were actually flying at the two deer to spook them off. It's amazing how being in a crowd gives you the advantage. lol

  Today, I will be making my peppermint bark soap. yesterday we brought in a truck load of firewood. We have been having trouble with our wood splitter, so hubby  has had to revert to hand splitting-slow going as he is nearing 70 and not in the best health. He found a perfect downed tree-very aged, so perfect for the wood stoves and for hand splitting. 

    I have heard from all of my online friends that were in Sandys way, except for one friend that is in Pennsylvania. She was worried before hand about losing her electric so was getting her family prepared. My prayers go out to all of you that were in Sandy's path. 


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