Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Couple Holiday Recipe Favorites

  I am making up a few things today, my cranberry side dish, pumpkin pie for me, and am going to surprise Larry with one of his favorites-raisin pie. Thinking of making up some deviled eggs too, and we were given a huge round squash-so think I will steam that-and see if we like it-can mash it up for tomorrow.
   One thing I do miss about moving here after retirement from Illinois-is our thanksgiving feast. Our familes were a long distance away-and we worked many hours back then, and we had allot of friends that were going thru the same. So it became a tradition that I provided the turkey and a few sides, and everyone brought something homemade. Usually ended up with at least a dozen of us or more.
  Here where we live, all holidays here seem to be family only-no friends or outsiders-which I can understand, so it has been just the two of us here the past 9 years. I always do go all out and make a traditional feast for the two of us. It was always tradition when I was a kid at home to watch the parades on tv-and I do still have those on in the background.
  So anyways this years I found a large organic whole chicken in the freezer-so am going to make that. I usually don't make stuffing as I never liked it-I could do gluten free with cornbread-but probably won't make that. I wanted to share with you my cranberry recipe-made this recipe up about 20 years now-and is always a huge favorite when ever I served it. I love pumpkin pie and hubby doesn't-but I am going to make me one-wow a whole pie just for me-lol-good breakfast food later in the week. 
   When I was in Indiana at the amish store I bought a bag of gorgeous huge plump raisins-mixed yellows and regular. I think I will use a cup of those and a cup of sunmaid raisins for Larry's pie. This s a pie my grandma on the farm always made too-back then it was also called a funeral pie as it always seemed to be present then, but it was also enjoyed at thanksgiving and christmas too along with her fresh mince pie.
   Here is a link to the pie recipe I use-and I think its the one my grandma followed too here
      Kathy's Cranberries
I always so disliked those sliced jelled cranberry circles that came out of a can-yuck-sorry but I so dislike that-no wonder allot of people don't like cranberries-lol  This is my version-we like fruits sooo
1 can of good quality whole berry cranberry sauce
3 cups fresh cranberries
2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
1/4 cup mandarian oranges
Place a very very small amount of water in bottom of pan-if you add too much your sauce will not be thick. Add the cranberries. Keep an eye on them, over low heat, and stir once in awhile-til the start to pop. I like them to get soft, with some really smashed down, but most of them still holding their shape. Add the blueberries, stir gently just to mix, add the canned whole berry-and stirl til just mixed. Turn off heat. Place in pretty bowl, cover and place in the frig.  enjoy-- Oh and we like ours tart not sweet, so the canned adds just enough sweetness for us-feel free to sweeten as you like.


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