Saturday, October 13, 2012

Promoting my Etsy Handmade Soap Shop and a Song for Saturday

  I have been busy busy all week, making up several new items for my soap shop on etsy. Today I finished up my Relax Time Bath Teas, and I made a small batch of the Whipped Pumpkin Salt Scrub. These made up into 4 ounce jars.
  I am really happy with both items, especially the pumpkin scrub. I have been wanting to make that for awhile now, it includes many ingredients to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. I had just enough left over for me to use-and I Love it. It has just the right amount of pumpkin fragrance and not too sweet smelling.
  I also made up guest soaps, these would make fun stocking stuffers-hint hint  lol  As always I can make soap in your choice of mold, natural soap choice, and colors and essential oils and fragrance oils. I enjoy making up custom orders.
  I just set up a coupon code for my blogger readers. when checking out please use coupon code blogger for 10% off your order.

ok end of my advertisement--I hear lots of booms in the background so I guess we have another storm blowing in. I am off to catch up on blog post reading. Happy Saturday


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