Monday, October 22, 2012

One Small Improvement Turns Into Major Re Do

You know when you have an idea to improve your life a bit-in this case re organizing better-and one thing leads to another??-and oh my I now have a major task to get finished.
  For one thing we ae in the 80s here with alot of wind. I love it better than cold, but the humidity is high, its hot like the beginning of summer time, and this sets off my asthma and allergies again.
   Nikita did not even want to take a walk today-which is really not like her at all-we always take a walk every day-so I just didn't push her.
   I made up more bath teas-this time a soothing tea with ground oatmeal, calendula petals and lavender. I got my supplies out to make a new soap- pumice soap for gardeners, and this reminded me that all my supplies are in boxes stacked up-so I have to go thru all the boxes to find what I need. Then I remembered that Larry had brought home some nice plastic shelving that someone threw away in the trash. So I scrubbed that up-emptied alot of stuff out of my craft room to fit this in. 
   Then I got the bright idea to turn my large trunk full of leathers around for better use of space. Of course this meant emptying the trunk as it is full to the top and way too heavy to turn otherwise. I am thinking wow what a mess this is-piles of leather every where now lol  So I get down to almost the bottom and I see the walls of the trunk have a little mold starting on them. So I set up some water with tea tree oil added wash that down-and now need to wait til the wood dries before putting the leathers back in.
   So Larry helps me get the shelving in-that was fun-walking over the piles of leather-lol but we get that in place. Now I am tired-sigh. taking a break-this needs to get put back together cause I will be gone tesday wednes. and thursday this week-this is a rarity for me-as I don't go anyweres most weeks. but tomorrow I am taggin along with neighbor Sandy so I can get what I need in town, wednesday I meet my online friend and we trade samples to give away to our customers in our etsy shops, and thursday is our 6 month trip to the doctor. 
   The Voice is on tonight, as is the debate, so I can work on stuff then too.
Here are a few photos I took:

The above two photos are the living room leading into my craft room. The last photo is my little computer spot-totally agrinomicly (no idea how to spell that) correct I know-lol- which then had a big picture that needs redone. and some of the boxes that came out of my craft room

above photo-to the left is my vintage leather sewing maching, to the right is my rug loom, and in the middle is one pile of leather scraps
More leather, there are more piles of hides etc. geez-what don't I have in my craft room-lol I need to make me a pair of moccasins for the house-maybe I will do that this winter, and perhaps sell some of this in my etsy shop. we had gone to a mouintain man fur trader event that was held at a very old tannery-which since has closed. we got offered a huge box of scraps for purchase that we couldn't refuse. lots of leather here to make pouches, bags etc.
My trunk now empty. boxes to the right are materials for weaving rugs, to the left of that is a very old metal filing cabinet with lot and lots of weaving and quilting etc informa.
trunk washed and turned around, shelving in place. the batik piece by the window I bought back in the 70s when I lived in Colorado, and you can see some of my green bay packer stuff. to the left of the shelving is my vintage wooden desk which I use as my sewing area. 

The shelving I am going to put my soap making things and also hoping to be able to get alot of my shipping materials on this too-this room needs to be twice this big-lol This room of mine is just crammed full-on the opposite wall are more trunks filled with wools and you name it-shelving around the room above windows with more stuff. I have too many interests I guess-but I love it all-I am never ever bored-how could I be-{#rofl.gif}{#popc1.gif}


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