Friday, October 5, 2012

Making Deep Dish Apple Pies This Morning

   I have an assortment of apples in the frig, it's cold and rainy now-so pie making this morning is in order.

 The little one in the front is my gluten free version for the pie crust. I used my baking mix and used coconut oil and lard.  The back pie is a "normal" pie for hubby. I just popped these in the oven and remembered I wanted to take a photo too.  I learned to make pies from my Mom and mostly my Grandma who was a farm girl-so country baking is what I do. I do improve the nutrition now though, but for the pie crust lard is the only way to go.  I follow the recipe in the older Betty Crocker  cookbooks for the crust.  

   For the filling I just cut up lots of apples so it will over fill the pan, sprinkle with apple pie spice-or just cinnamon and nutmeg, for these I stirred in agave and Dominos light sugar which is pure cane sugar and pure stevia, and I use instant tapioca for the thickening-for these two pies I used 5 tbsp. and just under the top crust I put in a couple pats of butter. Oh, and we like raisins in our apple pie too, so I soak some in hot water, and then drain and stir in with the apples. dried cranberries or yellow raisins are nice too with the apples.

   I will probably be making another one after these come out of the oven. Our friend Mr. L said he had a taste for apple pie and would bring over the apples-I told him to bring me a pie pan too. His wife has been ill and no longer cooks or bakes.

  Starting to smell good in here already-good eats!!


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