Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Have Been Busy Busy This Week

  I have been busy every day making new items for my soap shop. Today I am going to make more bath teas, and then take a break and do some baking.
   We had a big storm and a cold front that moved in, so will be much cooler today and tomorrow, but by the weekend back in the 70s. Hoping we can get more wood split and stacked once things dry out and its warmer again. 
   The 16th was Larrys birthday, so I made his favorite food; bbq ribs, we ate the left overs yesterday-those are always a treat.
     Next week on the 24th is my birthday and I will be meeting a new online friend for lunch. She has a shop on etsy too, sells many hand knitted items and other handmades, and is helping me to promote my soap. So I am looking forward to that. Hoping she can give me some tips on being found-I noticed her shop opened in 09 and she has sold over 500 items. My fiber shop was opened in 08 and i have only been able to sell under 50 items there-so hoping to learn some ideas from her.
   I have been soaking in all the fall beauty this week-it is just so gorgeous here that I am taking it all in, with extra walks in the woods, and just taking the time out in my day to enjoy it all. Our deer and turkey visitors still visit us every day. Larry and Mr. l went out turkey hunting for a bit yesterday-they were not able to call any in-but I think the turkeys knew a storm was brewing.
   I have been really wanting to make those banana whoopie pies, so I think that's on for this morning. I need to convert the recipe to gluten free, and cut down the sugar for Larry, so will see how these bake up-i think they just sound fun to eat.
    by the end of next week, I need to start doing some serious cleaning, as our friends will be arriving from Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois for deer camp on Nov, 10th. I use them as an excuse to do a thorough cleaning before winter approaches. a good several days filled with friends, laughter, and good eats-and hopefully venison in the freezer as well.


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