Friday, October 26, 2012

Holiday Gift Exchange

Those of us that are older, retired, and no longer have alot of family near by, or any age really-would you be interested in a holiday gift exchange with me?
   This needs to be ONLY handmade items with a retail value limit of around $10.00   I am thinking this could be a fun way of sharing our crafts, art, even homemades-like a little bag of your dehydrated mushrooms, veggies from the garden etc. if you make homemade jams or jellies etc.  A little craft or art item you enjoy making and creating. If you love to take photos-a pretty photo in a frame-I am thinking back to enjoying the spirit of the Christmas holiday and its simplicity in sharing with one another.
   I don't like strict deadlines, but I know we need one, so I am thinking anytime now til Christmas week.
If there should be a really large response, I may set up swap partners amongst us. any thoughts-please put in comments International friends always welcome. first class international postage is really low priced now a days, I think it needs to be around 13 ounces or so.
  Only thing I ask, if you commit to wanting to paticipate in the exchange, please follow thru. It is so dissappointing to be let down. I went thru that on the Mary Jane farmgirls forum where I seldom got my swaps.


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