Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good Morning Wednesday and Witches Brooms and Lavender Ice Cream

(brought over from my blogster blog)

 Hump Day is here already, to me the time is just flying by now-ever since we got away from those hot 100s over the summer months. We may even get an early frost here this weekend.
   Yesterday was another full day running around in town. I am so blessed to have a good friend and neighbor that drives me all over the place when I need to. This time we went to our local town about 20 miles away-our closest town to where we live here in the woods. It is not much of a town either-but it does have the basics which I appreciate.
   We did lots of stuff from hair cuts, to routine tests at the hospital, to finding me a couple tools I needed for my soap business, to Lowes, to Wal mart. So definately a full day.
   Monday I painted the primer over the tissue papered walls I have been working on-wow this is going to be awesome when completed. I touched up a few spots I didn't like with more tissue paper yesterday morning, and I need to do a few more touch ups today. Then the next long wall that I will do-will be a process to clear out stuff that sits in front of it-paint cans, a big machine that does that texture stuff on walls, bags of mortar and other stuff. So I may just work on that while I do some laundry today, after my walk with Nikita. 
  I now have all the ingredients I need for lots of holiday baking and candy making, and mostly for fruitcake making. I know I know-most of you hate fruitcakes-but you probably never had a homemade version-which is too awesome. I have been making these cakes since I was a little girl helping Mom bake in the kitchen. Mom always made a cake we found by Martha Washiington but it has alot of white cake with the fruits and nuts-which is really pretty when sliced but even after being wrapped in spirit soaked cheesecloth,  tends to be on the dry side. I have made since I left home in the late 60s an English dark fruitcake instead-which is mostly fruits and nuts with just enough cake to hold it all together-
   I now make me a gluten free version fruitcake that I make with mostly dried fruits-my own apples and pears, and add prunes, apricots, dates, figs, and nuts, also add the candied pineapple too, got the recipe from whole foods market and with  my changes to the recipes-is very good.
  Over on Pinterest I have seen so many delicious fall recipes using pumpkin and squash. This morning I spotted broomstick cookies which are too cute-so for all you witches out there here is the recipe      
  I would change the milk chocolate to a dark chocolate-but aren't these cute? would be fun at a fall party.
  and I also spotted lavender ice cream-now this sounds really delicious. recipe here


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