Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chicken on a Tuesday Clay Pot Baked Chicken

  Back on 360 days and then on Multiply allot of us would post anything about chickens on Tuesdays. I loved reading all the recipe ideas for chickens, and all the funny jokes about chickens too. So, I still like to post once in awhile recipes with chicken.

  I love my clay pots. I picked them up at garage sales over the years, some of them vintage, and some of them newer with the pottery glaze inside which makes clean up nice. Either way whatever you bake in them-roasts to chickens is always very moist, tender-and just awesome

Clay Pot Baked Chicken Recipe

Recipes here from Recipe Tips and I liked this recipe too from Food

I also found recipes from baking bread in clay pots-now that would be cool, hadn't thought of that.
recipe here 
How to Bake Bread in Romertopf Clay Pots

If you have resale shops available to you, I have been seeing these again in shops near me for very little money-so go have some fun baking in clay covered pots.


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