Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catch Up on my Doings in Ozarks

  I have been slow moving in the mornings lately cause it is just plain cold inside our house-lol We are getting down to the mid to low 20s at night so the house is definately cold now.
   Only running a fire in the bedroom for now in the evenings, I make do with a heating pad and a blanket in the evening by my computer or watching tv.
   We got our log splitter fixed works good-but it is soooooo difficult to pull to start now. was like that when we bought it new, Last week it snapped back and really bruised Larrys hand big time, today he can't get it started. Sooo I am just not using wood in the main house til I just really really need to,  cause we only got in half of what we need right now.
    Been putting on more hand dyed pieces, leather, etc in my fibers etsy shop. I have two more items I want to make this week for my soap shop, a goat milk moisturizer and a peppermint bark soap. Today I just couldn't get myself focused.
   I did however, get the dried fruits chopped and sliced ready for my healhier gluten free version fruitcake. Recipe and photo here in my celicac group here on blogster.  Last year I found a recipe that I adapted from whole foods market for my fruitcake and turned out really well. This year I added a few different dried fruits that I picked up on my trip to Indiana-star fruit, goji berries, and low sugar dried pineapple, also used dates, figs, raisins, currents, yellow raisins, apricots, and my own dried pears and apples. I also added a cup of the diced mixed fruitcake mix. Instead of apple juice to moisten all these fruits I used brandy instead.  Will bake this cake up tomorrow morning, I am making a double batch of the recipe-so I can get 2 cakes in the pans I use for this. Their original recipe only gave me 1 cake.
   Saw a little of the devastation from the storm Sandy on this mornings news-all so sad, and all that snow-oh my, this one will go down in the history books. I even heard that lake shore drive in chicago will be getting flooding as well, as lake michigan will be rolling in huge waves-such a far reaching storm-its unreal really. Missouri is totally safe-out of harms way.
   Last night we went to a meeting about our Post Office, they had done a survey last month about different options for us. Many rural post offices will be restructured or will be closed to save them operating money. Good thing, for now we will be keeping ours with hours of just 4 hours a day and a few hours on saturday. With our online business's this would have been devastating for us, if it closed. The closest post office from us is 20 miles or more away-so we would not be able to ship every day like Larry is doing now with his scope repair business.  We even asked if they could pick up our packages like it says online, and he said no we are too rural for that service.  so we are very greatful to still have our post office.
   That's it for now-I am cooking simple tonight; hamburgers with sweet potatoe fries and a fresh salad. oh and I made 3 pies the other day-one from Mr. L one for Larry and I made me a small gluten free version-I think I could go for a slice of apple pie about now-stay safe, warm and dry everyone.


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