Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Temperature Change Coming to the Ozarks

  We will have a high in the 80's today with a high tomorrow in the low 50's if that. I have come to learn though, that this is normal here in the ozarks. So tomorrow thru monday perhaps tuesday we will know that autumn is here, with possible frost.
   I have been slowly getting my clay pots emptied and put away, and need to get out some covers if a frost should arrive as I planted a few salad type seeds and radishes and also mini bok choy so would be nice to save these as we will warm up again thru out the month I am sure.

   So today is doing more of that, cleaning house, and finishing up the laundry. Big thing is scrubbing floors and my big 10 burner wolf  stove so I can get back to making soap for my shop. I am excited about some new products I am going to make-and need to get them made and up for sale.

   We are really behind this year in getting our wood supply in-we only heat with wood-I love the process of it all-but as we get older need to pace ourselves on this task of cutting, splitting, loading, stacking. 

  I rarely talk politics here, but I am sooooo thrilled over Romney's debate performance last night-perhaps there is still a chance he can over throw the power that's in.

  I am off to get some things done today-enjoy your day!


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