Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watch for New Items in my Etsy Soap Shop

  I am excited about making some new items for my soap shop. Most of my supplies have arrived now, so I will be busy making products for the upcoming seasons.

  In jars I will be offering a mechanics-gardeners soap scrub with pumice powder, a foaming pumpkin salt scrub-this one I can't wait to make, a goat milk and honey lotion, and a peppermint bark soap that will be nice for winter and the holiday gift giving. I am also going to offer bath teas for a relaxing bath, and to soothe those sore muscles from working outdoors.

   My bar soaps are glycerin based with all natural ingredients goat milk and shea butter. I am getting a new line of soap base in,  that is also all natural with three butters and will be a harder soap.

  So do stop by my etsy shop-link in left column, I also have a web page with a shop-link in right column (also address under etsy shop). and Yes I do ship International


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