Friday, September 14, 2012

Split Pea Soup and Skillet Cornbread kind of day

  Since this is a lazy day today-soothing rain all day, playing on the computer most of the day too; I decided to make a pot of split pea soup. I didn't have a ham bone to add, but I did have a couple slices of ham that I threw in for flavor. I also added sauted onion and mini bell peppers (last of my garden) and a little garlic, along with rosemary and bay leaf.
   I will be adding in diced potatos once it starts to get creamy. and of course we need a skillet of cornbread too-lol I have a recipe that only uses the cornmeal no additonal wheat flour-so no need to convert to gluten free. 
  When I was in Indiana shopping at the amish store I picked up popcorn flour-a blue and a yellow. On the back of the package,  they gave recipes for the best cornbread. So I am going to use blue cornmeal along with the blue popcorn flour,and perhaps a little corn flour in my recipe. Will let you know how it all comes out. 
  I have begun listing some of those little  pieces for railroads that one puts together and then paints for embellishments on their railroad setups. Since living here I discovered the woodland scenics a big name in this, is located about an hour from me. I have picked up some of these at sales thru the years.
  Off to check on my soup, and perhaps take a little nap yawning.


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