Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day and Doings

Happy Labor Day Everyone!! Any Plans??  We have been going to a cook out close by here for a few years now, but this year there was not one planned. Sometimes though it is nice to just make up a slab of ribs on the bbq for the two of us instead-so that's what I am going to do for today.
Since I have been back home from my trip I have not been sleeping. I am definately over tired too-but I am up at 2 am and since I am not falling back asleep just catching up on blogging etc.sigh-I was really wound up when I first came home as I had missed a nights sleep with the bus schedule-but I would think by now I could sleep. i will blame it on the blue moon lol

Late afternoon, the turkey flock came running in to the feeders-they are just so fun to watch when they do that. They have really grown too. They came really close to the bay window this time-even looking in-too funny. I got my camera out to take a few photos, flash did not bother them, but I made a quick movement and they all froze-everyone. so I froze too waited about half minute and then slowly moved-they did too lol 
Its 4:30 am now, so will see if I can catch a little more sleep.
Happy labor Day  stay safe and enjoy
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